The Garden Is Finally Setup YES! 😁


Yeah it could be worse lol. I don’t know about timing. Maybe @PurpNGold74 or @raustin can answer that. I thought if you still had a lot of clear it means you have some time to go?


Not clear Bro milky And isnt when its milky you should start the flush ??


Yeah I don’t know. With me being in hydro my version of a flush is a lot different. Wait for one of them with actual knowledge.


If you’ve got mostly milky then wait till you see your first hint of amber, then start your flush.


Listen to the pretty one @Sativa4Me. Ur getting close tho


So @raustin should i keep feeding because on my last feed day on Thu The 1st i just Started my first flush i dont want go and feed and over water so should i just contiune feeding until i start to see them change then flush i want get it right and not go too late and lose potency if able because she is frosty AsF would hate for that start going down because of Flushing too early ??


Yes, exactly, keep feeding till you see your first amber, then do your flush for harvest.


Awesome im going on week 8 of flower but i dont know the strain and i know there is strains that flower 12 weeks


Hey @raustin i was looking at your trich pics what do you ise exactley to get a clear picture like that the pos shit thing i use kind of works but strains your eye :unamused: thanks friend


This is what I use. It clips to the phone so you can take pictures.



Hey @raustin Bro The amber trichs i was doing research and talking to growers i know who been in game for 15+ yrs and they said amber trichs is too far for the HIGHEST THC % you want to Start Your Flush When Trichs Turn from clear to Milky ! What you think bro since its my Very First Harvest I want Fire :fire: obv ?


Lol, first, I’m not a bro, I’m a sis. Second, your research is correct, once the trichs turn amber it means the THC has degraded. The highest THC is when the trichs are milky, or cloudy, and the least amount is when they’re clear.

It really depends on your high preference, so when you have a lot of amber you’re going to get a body, couch-lock effect, and when you have cloudy you get a more head high that shouldn’t put you to sleep.

Then it depends on how you do your flush, fast or slow. Most people start flushing two weeks before harvest, so you want to flush when you see a mix of cloudy and clear if you’re looking for a head high, or wait for some amber if you want couch-lock. For a faster flush, some people like to feed till the very last minute, so they wait till they see some amber, flush, and then harvest all within a few days.

I prefer to wait till I get all cloudy without any clear, but there will always be a few amber in there, about 10%. So if I wait till I see the first amber, I can time my harvest within two weeks.


Im sorry sis lol but thAts awesome your a lady grower thats so cool and thanks for info im going to use your advice Sista :grin: @raustin do you have anything going atm??


That’s ok, no worries. There are quite a few of us lady growers here actually. I have a blueberry fem grow going right now. In fact I just put her into flower yesterday. I’ll tag you in.


Hahaha. How do people keep thinkin ur a dude :joy::joy:


Lol, I know.


It’s got to be the photo @raustin. Lol.


He weed fam i need help i was cleaning my pot and i have this water catcher at the bottom and i looked in and seen these lil white bugs crawling around i dont see any above or anything flying around i hope not larvae from more aphids this late in flower and was wondering why buds ain’t fattening up hope not plz help @raustin @DoobieNoobie @Countryboyjvd1971 @PurpNGold74


Nothing was moving except that bigger one in the middle of that middle photo