The Garden Is Finally Setup YES! 😁


Well @PurpNGold74 @Poseidon @boardsbird @elheffe702 @DTOM420 i got my room set up and my lil baby i had was wondering why was stunt and the culprit was those shitty peat pellets from doller store infeasted with aphids ate my stem shit so i try to clean the roots and snapped the main stem so i just culled it and i had buddy with plants bought one off him and had another one growing but im not sure if there females


Both look like chicas to me. Sucks but time to move forward. Good luck on the ladies. Also those are the start to flowers. Keeo them on 12-12


I wanted to veg a bit longer i was thinking she is flowering so what so i do juat put12/12 and change to bloom nutes next feeding @PurpNGold74


Yup. Dont stop grow nutes. But turn it down as u ramp up on bloom over the next 4-5 weeks. If u want to reveg them 18/6 for a couple weeks would do the trick


They’re looking great, but maybe root bound. Might be time to transplant. :+1:


There ya go! Congrats on the re-start! If you want to veg them longer, do like Purp’n’Gokd said and give β€˜em light!! 18 on and 6 off or even 24hrs of uninterrupted light for a few days and then 18/6. Since they’re already heading into bloom, I’d make 100% sure they’re females before going back to veg - no sense wasting time and bites on a dude! The pix sure look like girls but they’re a little blurry up close and I’m not 100% sure if I’m seeing both plants. Just may sure before you head back to veg

I’m trying to make the time to set up my own indoor grow right now. My UnitFarm 5x5x7 tent and my HLG 600H w/ 4 Samsung 3000K V2 Quantum Boards light kit arrived yesterday. All I’ve had time to do, so far, is unbox the light parts. I’ve got a bunch of girls under a T5 fixture currently, waiting in me to set up the room.


I actually was thinking the same thing when i saw pictures @elheffe702
Those pots look small as well
You want at least fove gallon pots for photos
I used peat pellets once tbey never broke down correctly and actually restricted the main stems growth so ive never used them again
I just sprout my bean and plant in starter cup of soil :wink:


I had these pots on hand i got buy some payday @Countryboyjvd1971


They look good though :grinning: @elheffe702 @PurpNGold74 @DTOM420


I hear you there i reuse my to @Sativa4Me


Ugh been dealing with aphids got that one nice bushy female i found out boTh my plants are female can see the balls with the lil two hairs coming out everywere and white hairs growing but i hate using any kind of insedicide but he was growing outdoors not like our indoor controlled environment and this was a brand new untouched grow room everything brand new so im kind of choked i had buy a infested plant i think i finally got ridd the problem but im sad i had use that sh*t what you guys think if after this grow if i use lil bleach and soap and clean room like u normally do and do a more throughly check or get clean clones or start from seed prolly so that i wont have bug issue again what you guys think ??

@PurpNGold74 @DTOM420 @Countryboyjvd1971 @elheffe702


And i just said since it was pre-flowering already i just going let it go and bloom so i can harvest this soon and get em out and start fresh :unamused: so they on 12/12


@DTOM420 @PurpNGold74 @elheffe702 @Countryboyjvd1971 I got question i need help with friends since my plants are flowering nicley and there last feeding was maxigrow can i just feed them maxibloom next feeding since in flower and keep up with and would like to know what start with half right heres a picture and its same on the maxigrow


Should be able to switch right over, full strength, same as the grow.


Thx bro inside the package comes with a big scoop and a lil scoop use the lil scoop i guess


Should be in the chart. One is probably a 1tsp and the other 1 Tbsp.


Hey weed nerd fam check the Flowering babies damm first ever i had rid aphids let me know anyone ever had deal with those buggers and what worked for you please for future ref ?? @DTOM420 @elheffe702 @Countryboyjvd1971 @boardsbird


Those are some beauties!! Way to go!


Taking pics with that light on makes plants look crappy should take them natural


Yeah, those blurple lights are a photographic nightmare. I know it’s hard, though, because it’s dark in most grow rooms without your grow light on. Maybe a cheap clip-on work light fixture with a single incandescent bulb would be an easy affordable answer? It’d sure make those beautiful ladies look even more beautiful, though!