The Force is Strong in this one!


I made this strictly for stealth. It rolls in and out of a closet or across the house. It is sitting in the closet now and I don’t want to unhook it.

The top pic is the front that opens to the left side. When I close the closet door, it is hard to even tell it is there.

The second pic is with the door open. The lights both hook up to the set up. I have an LED that goes in there after I start getting into late veg, then I close 'er up and put the LED’s and circulating fan on. There is usually no smell until late veg/early flowering.

This is my third crop in here. My last one was Strawberry Kush and I got 2.1 oz out of one plant. Hope to do MUCH better this time.


Simple and practical Jerry


That’s so awesome. And I actually might be able to build something similar over the summer. @dbrn32 & @Countryboyjvd1971 have been helping me figure out how I can do indoor grow with a 15 amps & bad wiring. Any idea of how many total amps you’re using with your setup?


looks like the whoodini box! lol
now you see me now you don’t!


I like the box, nice job!


Never really calculated it. All I am using on it is my LED and/or CFL (usually not at the same time), the 4" fan and two small fans to circulate the air although I do not run the fans after flowering starts.


Thanks. I know everyone else looks at watts but I HAVE to look at amps. One fire :fire: was enough for me :cry:


Went to the Hyrdo Store today to pick up FFHF and FFOH. The decision was made for me there, they are out of FFOF, that’s the first time I have seen that at his shop ! He had someone come in and buy 20 bags of OF yesterday and his shipment hasn’t come in yet. Got a 2 cuft FFHF for $25.60. A lot cheaper than Amazon even !

So now the pieces are falling into place. Master Yoda and young Skywalker will be pleased.

"And now young Skywalker, you will GROW "


Grow you will Skywalker :grin: :wink:


Hi @TxGrowman.
Sorry for my late response, been dealing with a flooded basement.
You are correct. I layer the pot with HF & Ocean.
HF the s good for young roots . Ocean is hotter fr more mature plants.
Hope it works well for you :slight_smile:️:+1:


No problem. Take care of the home first. They didn’t have any FFOH left in the store. Some guy bought 20 bag yesterday. I can make due with HF and will layer my next one. Appreciate your input. I will use it on the next grow.


Good afternoon all ! After much discussion, young Skywalker has moved into her own 5 gallon condo. And so it begins. . .

I know the pictures are terrible but I am not feeling well right now and do not feel like messing with them !

If I had another pair of hands when I was planting I would have shown you the roots in the starter soil. The small pot was root bound ! ! She is only 11 days old. Cannot wait to see what surprises she has for me !


man she looks as if she may out grow your closet jerry!!
you are making me feel good about my decision to buy ilgm skywalker lol, tks @TxGrowman


We’ll see. It looks pretty nice now. This is my first venture with Happy Frog. I have heard a lot good about it.

I would like to see a 6 oz yield from this. I have looked at this so far and cannot believe how fast this is going. That seed is only 10 days old !

Planning on feeding in veg this time. I have never done that before and gotten decent yields but I want to push it a little more this time. I want to have enough of a stash that I will not have to worry about growing again for 6-8 months. I still have some of my Strawberry Kush from last grow left and a bunch of the stuff I bought in CO. Don’t like theirs near as much as what I grow.

Going to use Golden Tree supplement again. It has done nothing but help, esp on the last grow. I have never seen a veg period so green and lush. Going to increase the amount given also. Several people have used 5 ml/gal and one 7.5 ml/gal. They had no problems, so I will take it up to 5 slowly and see what happens and aim for 7.5 if possible.

Am going to switch to LED in a week or so. Just want to see her well established and then start the LED. I have had luck with this LED so I am going to stay with it. May change my mind, may not.


That’s crazy growth dude, well done! :+1: :smile:


Now comes the waiting period. Her roots were circled around the bottom of my starter pot and I was glad that I decided to move her to the big fabric bag (5 gal). The only down side is waiting for her to get root in the bag and start pushing up again. I have decided to keep the light (still CFL) close to her and keep her stretching to a minimum now. As soon as she looks like she is ready, out comes the LED and raise the light.

I want a good root system under her as I anticipate a large mast on her. Am going to do a lot of veg on her because I am going to top her at least twice. It will be like a shortened version of mainlining. That will take a lot of recovery time for her.

@BIGE I think this is going to be a good strain from what I have seen so far. I am going to try to keep her under control with height like I did on my last grow, the SK. I had 13 colas on a 14 " tall plant.

@garrigan65 Was good to hear from you brother. Stay healthy.

Hope everyone is safe and warm. We had a bit of a storm last night but only got ice ! I much prefer snow. NOBODY can drive on ICE ! High temp for today 24 and down to 9 tonight.


Seems that you have a good plan :+1:

:thinking: that is interesting! We will see if that is true :joy:
Why do you to put her directly in 5 gal pot and not in a smaller one? I think I miss something in my learning process :wink:


I just prefer not to transfer multiple times. I just let her grow in her home. It has been good to me so far, so why change? I also have problems with keeping it stealthy in my house.

The recovery time I was refering to was the time it takes for the plant to recover from the topping it. Most plants, in my grows at least, needed time to recover from topping. I will be doing a little more than just topping so I am allowing time to recover. I want to manifold (mainline) it somewhat to keep all the colas lined up as far as height. With a small size grow space like this one, I want to have room for all colas to get big.


Well, It appears my young apprentice is not slowing her growth at all ! She has sprouted yet another set of leaves.

Pictures to come as soon as I can get the ambition to take them. This round of bronchitis is really kicking my butt !


@Tylan How is your grow going?