The Force is Strong in this one!

Good Morning to all ! I woke up my young apprentice and she seems very happy in her little domain. Has already gone up 3 inches already and has the cutest little set of second leaves barely showing now. Giving her water only and anticipating the transfer to her permanent home (5 gal cloth pot) in about a week. got her under six 23 watt CFL lights sitting about 1-2 inches over her.

I was going to put her in the three gallon pots as I have the others but I looked up my old grows (A GREAT source of information and helps you remember your old good and bad mistakes) and decided to go with 5 gal. (Thanks @Niala !)

Am very impressed with her progress so far. We have had three power outages in the last 24 hours and was afraid I would have problems but none yet !

Grow plan is still under construction but better get busy, she seems like she will wait for no one !

BTW for all the older ILGM growers here,
Amy stopped by yesterday and said “High” to all. She is very interested in my young apprentice and I am going to give her a seed to grow. Can’t convince her to start a grow Journal yet, but at least got her growing. Going to help her get started and especially with the stealth part of it!


Hi Jerry :grinning:,

I am glad to see that I helped you a bit :wink:, lol :wink:

If your seedling do not stretch too much, you’ll be ok :wink:… It’s always a good idea to have some kind of emergency 12V light kit or something like that when growing indoor… A few LED light strip for example, that are fairly cheap to acquire…:wink:

May the force be with you… @TxGrowman :innocent:

~Al :vulcan_salute: :innocent: (a little Star Trek vulcan salute in a Star Wars adventure :wink:)


Thanks Al ! I was thinking about accessory lighting for my little grow box and was going to shop as soon as I feel better. Was thinking about putting a new set of lights on the side of my grow box anyway this grow, maybe find some that I can use an alternative power supply on or just getting a power box that I use on my computer that comes on when the power goes off. They are not that expensive and will keep her feeling up to “bulls eyeing Wamp rats” when the power goes off ! Take care and stay warm my friend. :man_farmer:


I certainly will Jerry… I went out this morning cause I went out of coffee… 1 time is enough, I stay in my long john put my dressing gown and my slippers with a good coffee… lol :wink: :innocent:

Will made a Shepherd pie later this afternoon and stay home… lol :wink: :innocent:

Say “Hiiii!!!” to Amy, give her a kiss on the cheek :kissing_heart:, and when she’s ready, we will give her a warm welcoming… :wink: :grinning: :innocent:

Take care of yourself too, Jerry, wishing you a prompt recovery my friend :grinning:


Master Yoda stated “much happy am I, to see young Skywalker stretching out her arms at this young age.” She is about 96 hours old and this is her progress pictures below. I am going to LOVE this grow. High THC and a buzz that is reported to be right in my “Wheelhouse” so to speak. Catch ya all later !

Apologies for the focus, my cell isn’t the best.


Depending on the specs of the power supplies you have, there’s probably some pretty reasonable options out there. I do a lot of led lighting, and would be happy to help if I can.


Good Morning from one of the moons of Endorne.

My young apprentice has continued to stretch out her leaves and grow upward. Her first set of true leave are 2 3/4 inches across and she is now 3 1/2 inches tall. I have a small fan on her to vibrate her stalk and keep it strong. She looks very healthy at this time and I am getting her home ready for transplant at the end of the week.

Water only for this young apprentice. Starting next week I will put a few drops of Golden Tree in the water and then start adding 2ml/gallon until she has had her first topping. I am uncertain of how I am going to trim her top just yet. Was toying with mainlining her in my grow box. Might be able to get 8 cola’s in there???

Believe that I am going with a 5 gal cloth bag and some Ocean forest or perhaps Happy Frog. I have not used either but have heard a lot about them. Any comments greatly appreciated. :rocket:


Youll like the ocean forest i have used the happy frog
Cant wait to see her grow brother
Woohoo :raised_hands:


Im on board as well @TxGrowman Set to “Watching”

Do the Happy Frog if you haven’t already bought the FFOF. I have used both and the FFHF is less problematic!

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Good Morning all my ILGM Friends. Hope all is well.

First, I ordered the zipper hoodie today on ILGM. The 18% discount goes until Jan12th. I took advantage of it and get one. I need new hoodies anyway, I haven’t bought one in three years and have lost over 100 lbs in the last two years. Needless to say, the other hoodies are WAY too big now.

A very pleasant surprise this AM. As I opened the door to the grow box, my young apprentice has grown a little last night as well as showing a very small set of third leaves. I am continuing the clear water and keeping the CFL’s just a couple inches over her head and she seems to be responding well. Have to go to the doctor today so I will pick up a bag of soil today and get her bed ready. I have chosen a 5 gal. fabric pot and am anxious to get her in her home. Hopefully this weekend or early next week.

I am still deciding the type of soil, Happy Frog or Ocean Forest. Guess it will depend on what I feel like when I get to the store. My local Hydro shop has a good supply of both usually.

This Skywalker OG seems to be a very eager grower from the start. I read that it is harder to grow in the ILGM literature compared to the other strains. Have seen good results from the start and hope it continues that way. I am reading my old journals and looking for mistakes that I do not need to repeat. This is going to be a good grow ! ! Hope I can help some of my growing friends with this journal

This young Jedi looks like she is going to be a major factor in the growing force !


A bedtime picture before she goes to lights out. On an 18/6 light schedule which she seems to be taking to very well.

I did something I have never done before (again !) and put her is soil that I had used partially underneath the starter mix in the container she is in now and seems to have taken to it well. The soil I am using had a half strength 10-10-10 solution that was flushed before I used it.

Will wait and see how she goes in the next couple days and then move her to Happy Frog and let her grow. Depending on how she goes, I may add some nutes to the veg stage and she how she does. If I do, it will be 1/4 strength and not until I see at least four or five nodes before anything other than Golden Tree is added. Will put 2ml/gal of Golden Tree now and go from there. It has always done well before !


i put in an order for some jerry!
what a vigorous plant!!


I mix happy frog and ocean forest.
Using 2:1 ocean forest on the bottom of the pot as it is a little hotter than HF, so as the plant grows it can utilize like the increased nutrients at the bottom.
Also mix in perlite through for drainage.
Look forward to watching your progress :+1::seedling:


Looking fantastic… I’ll be watching @TxGrowman
Interesting technique to score seed. I’ve been using domes so no HH…

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Good morning faithful followers. TGIF ! Checked her this morning and she looks like she had a growth spurt last PM. Looks green and happy today. Have to go out today despite just being sick and it is only 24 with a wind chill of 15. Need my soil to put her in. Still not sure what I am going to get but a nice suggestion by @North_East_Newbie of mixing the two in the pot sounds interesting.

@North_East_Newbie - I assume that you are talking about putting it in layers, am I correct ? I can see where that might work.

Everyone stay safe and drive carefully.


I’ve been using HF with 2 TBS Dolomite and 1 TBS Azoymite per gal and then I top dress with DE Earth to discourage borg,… I found OF to be a bit hot for some strains… Hope this helps… :upside_down_face:
Btw: Your Skywalker looked so good I just ordered 10 to try out… My current grow is 6 SS, 5 TW and 4 WWA…
Good Luck… :dash::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:


FINALLY got around to getting in my grow specifics for this time.

What is the strain and type: Skywalker OG fem

Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor

Size of space (max height and area, length/width)? 17"d x x18"w X 48"h (Inside dimensions)

Soil or Hydro? Soil (to be determined) in Aero-Pot grow bag 5 gallon

pH: Of the soil or medium run-off: 6.2 - 6.5 water and nutrient mix. Run-off: 6.5

Type and strength of nutrients used:
For Veg: dilute 10-10-10 and Golden Tree.
For Flowering: pH Perfect Sensi-Bloom, Cal-Mag, Armour SI, Golden Tree supplement, Bat Guano 0-10-5 and Big Up.

Temperature: Day 76-78 vs. night temp 66-70 Highest 82 and lowest temps 64

Humidity %: 40 Day vs 45-55 night

Light system: Mars Reflector LED , Actual watts drawn: 138 CFL 23watt x 6 in veg.

Ventilation system: Size: 4 " CFM: 190 CO2: n/a AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: n/a Open Room window at night to recirculate air and bring in fresh air. Keeps temps controlled well.

Number “weeks/days”: Vegetative Growth: Currently 8 days in veg

My homemade Grow Box is out of 1x2 and 1x4 framing and 5/8 " interior plywood that is painted white on the inside. Door is across the entire front of the box and has weather stripping around it. All holes for cords and hangars are as small as possible and the excess after covered with extra strength duct tape that is easily removable to change lights, etc. Next one is going to have fitted plugs that I found in the hardware store that are self sealing.

The bottom left side has holes that are covered by a filter that allows for colder air from near the floor to be pulled in and the exhaust fan is centered 10" below the top on the other side to take out the hotter air. I put a clothes dryer fitting on the outside to make the disconnection/connection of the exhaust fan easier to use if it is moved to another area. Four holes on top for canopy hangars for lights, fans, etc.

The bottom has furniture casters on it to accommodate moving it across floors and especially carpeted areas. The dimensions on my Grow Box are for going into closets without having to tear the door frame apart. This box is being used for the 3rd time and has served me well.

Ya’ll Take care and be safe. Jerry



Nice Jerry :+1::ok_hand:, it will be epic, I am convice , and just be aware that the ppm runoff reading will look high for the first month or so, after transplantation since , if you choose to mix FFOF at the bottom and FFHF on top, FFOF is “hotter”…

Have a nice day brother :grinning::innocent:

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I hope you’re doing better :hugs:. I’m a”visual” learner and if possible could you post a pic or two of your Grow box please?

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Nice Jerry nice
Woohoo :raised_hands: