The Force is Strong in this one!


Master Yoda and I discussed the options of increasing the number of female Jedi Knights around since the untimely loss of Princess Leia this past year and decided to grow one Skywalker OG seed that I recently received from Robert. It will grow in my homemade grow box that has been so functional over the past several years. The pictures below was taken 24 hours after the seed was placed in a wet paper towel. I scored the seed with a nail file and placed it between the paper towel sheets and placed the sheets between two small plates. It grew so fast that I could not remove it from the paper towel so I cut the towel into a small square and placed it in my starter soil. As Lord Vader would say “Impressive” in growth for a short time period.

That was the easiest seed to pop I have ever had and as you can see, the seed cover completely fell away from the plant with no help. I am now committed to scoring every seed at the start. It was enjoyable to not have to mess around removing the seed pod and risking damage to the tender plant inside.

If this is any indication of how well this young Skywalker will grow, I will be mightily impressed with the results of this crop.

May the force be with her !

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Bookmarked & duly noted! Thanks for sharing about the scarification process :grinning:


Awesome buddy




Yeah you know I’m watching
Good to see ya growing again :sunglasses:


Woohoo :raised_hands: @TxGrowman



Great my friend :grinning: and WooHoo me too :wink:, lol :wink:

And thanks Jerry for the tag, it’s appreciate buddy :grinning::+1:


Thx for the tag, no need to do that anymore because I will wach this :grin:.
I’m very impressed by how fast you start that little creature :joy:. Good luck :crossed_fingers: my friend :+1:


Awesome @TxGrowman. I am now watching.


Switched to watching @TxGrowman


It shot right out of its shell, Oh yes the force is strong, lol. I will be watching her progress.


My Skywalker OG also germinated at lightning speed! She’s less than a week old now. I’ll be following along :grinning:


Im. Going to need to order some of these skywalker beans lol


I do not know how the rest of the grow is going to go but it really looks promising so far. I will add my grow specifics for this time soon.


i’m along for the ride @TxGrowman the force is strong with that one!


just got an email they are 10% off right now!


Tracking your grow as the force awakens from its shell.