The Flushing Process, when and for how long?


My plant is 5 weeks and one day in flowering and it is really starting to look very bulky. The Strain is Shark attack by Dinafem seeds. They say that the flowering time is between 7-9 weeks and I am curious as to when I need to stop giving it nutrients and just give it straight water? It still has a significant amount of white hairs but it is mainly brownish hairs that are covering the plant. When I look at it under my 100x microscope the trichomes still are transparent and not smokey yet.
It is in a 4x4 tent under a cMH light and being fed some buddha bloom that I got from the hydroponic store.


I was told by a friend that I should be flushing out for atleast a month but I have also read around that it only needs to be flushed a week before it is chopped. This is my first grow and I dont want my plant tasting weird when smoked.


here are some photos they are not the best quality but hopefully they help with you guys letting me know what my next step should be




I’m thinking it’s too early to start a flush. Looks to me like 2 maybe even 4-5 more weeks but if your checking trichs, you’ll know better. I would guesstimate that you should start to flush when you begin to see 10% amber trichs but that’s just me. If your going for mostly or all milky then I still think you have a while to wait.

Not the best tell tale but many of your pistils are still sticking sort of straight up/out. They will die off and curl inwards as the buds mature. Patience is the key at this stage, yet it’s the hardest darn thing to master. I’m still learning to be patient but wow, it pays dividends.

Welcome!! @AlmightyHAM


Thanks for that feedback. I’m okay with waiting I just don’t want to go at it too soon and deprive the buds of what they need


@Screwauger has you covered. I’d like to second him in welcoming you @AlmightyHAM and add that the breeder’s estimates for strains’ flowering times are estimates only. A lot of things can cause this to fluctuate one way or the other.


I’ve never heard of flushing for a month. A week or two should do it. That’s why you wait to see some amber. Then you know you’re close.


1 week at a (holy shit i horribly miss timed my flush) minimum. 2 weeks i would say is ideal. Maybe some go longer if they are using a strong synthetic nutrient line??? You dont want to start it too early!!! @Screwauger is right, you have to check your trichomes in order to time the flush and it does look like ya got some time still.
Look at your trichs, Otherwise your only guessing. Best of luck. OnE LoVe @AlmightyHAM


Definitely to early start your flush 2 weeks before harvest is normally where you would start your final flush
I dint even check my tricombes untill my pistols are 75-80% red or brown
I agree with @Screwauger on your at least 4-5 weeks out yet maybe more
I would continue do what you have been. They look great
And will still bulk up some be patient


Okay I know I’m definitely in a minority group of thought on this but I don’t flush unless I start having a ph issue . All I do is stop feeding a couple of weeks before harvest . Do a search on a post by @Dumme to flush or not to flush . After reading this and doing a little checking on my grow I only flush to correct a issue . Good luck and welcome to the sandbox…


Okay @AlmightyHAM hope I get this right To Flush or not to Flush yes it worked okay this is the post that confused me so much I stopped flushing and can’t tell the difference


I have had really good results with two weeks flush as @Countryboyjvd1971 stated. My last grow was Skywalker and her ash in the pipe is completely gray and I cannot taste any chemicals in the smoke. I did not flush my first grow plants long enough and you could taste the difference.


Morning @Countryboyjvd1971 how have you been brother ? Have you seen this post and have you ever tried not flushing and flushing the same strain side by side ? I really couldn’t tell the difference after a proper cure when I tried it


I agree with most of the other members. I try to do a flush around 2 weeks away but it says on my clearex bottle you can do a flush up to 3 days before Harvest when using that. Personally at the end of my grow, the last 3 weeks or so I just give straight water and only use clearex if I break a leaf off and taste the sap that comes out, If it’s bitter than it has nutrients in it. If it’s clean like water and taste like water then I believe that’s a sign you have removed most of the nutrients out of your soil/ your girl used them up. I basically only use clearex and do a true flush if it’s near the end and it seems/tastes like that it needs it. If it appears that it doesn’t need a flush then I don’t do one. The last few weeks of straight water is usually enough.
Good luck and enjoy your grow and harvest.


I just started flush today