The Flush correctly

Hey growmies i need to flush my plants. Ive done this in the past but i feel im probably doin it wrong. Ive just run 5x the pot size with gallons of fresh water until ppms around 300 in the past. I just dont understand the ppms. How do you more experienced growers do it?

3 bruce banner photos at 6 week flr in back. 2 black widow photos 5 week veg just flipped to 12 / 12.


Are you asking for harvest or a routine flush? For harvest I start 2weeks prior to chopping them down. Typical flushing for possible lock out. Excessive salts ext… usually I flush only when I notice abnormal readings in my run off. I also will occasionally flush by the nutrient schedules. I use 1 gallon for my 2.5 gallon pots or a good amount of run off :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks, more or less maintenance nute flush. Probably about 3 or 4 weeks from harvest now.

Do you ph the water you use to flush?

Havent before, does make sense though. So what about something like sledge hammer flush. Is that 1 gal thru? Or the 3x the size of the pot?
I know i should be looking at ppms also, ive had tap water readings of 890 going in and ran water thru until i got down to around 300 run off. Honestly just kind a wingin it.

I believe sledgehammer is the first gallon in and let it soak, then finish the flush 3-5x the pot size.

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I do, some do and some don’t. I also like to flush a few times with molasses. Some will argue that she has taken in all the sugar she by now, but no harm in attempting a sweeter bud :love_you_gesture:

I use sledgehammer as a maintenance flush for excess salt build up. Straight water for harvest flushing :love_you_gesture: