The Flowering Tent

Wanted to show you this darkroom I made with some hefty black fabric and a bamboo frame… but then I went nuts taking pictures. Our Lady of the Leaf! Earth-Goddess fabuloso! What could I do?

It’s the Equator so, I put up the tent at 5pm every day. Getting fairly antsy here on the verge of flowering time but no flowers. These were planted May 1st.


WeedTops sm

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Looks good, why the darkroom to flower early? Why not let them keep growing and get even bigger?
Just wondering

He may have a rainy season he’s trying to beat. Some equator area see slightly more than 12 hours of light, and some strains need assurance to start the process as well.

I like experimenting. I’m only covering 2 of 7 plants. I’m thinking the plants here evolved to auto flower. There’s almost no difference in the length of days. I’ll see if I can induce flowering once and compare it to the rest growing normally. This is near the start of the dry season although it’s still raining fairly often.