The first of many to come, lets learn together! My Grow with White Widow and Gorilla Glue!


So the time has finally arrived after months of extensive research, different ideas and dreams of green, I have begun my first grow thanks to ILGM’s White Widow and Gorilla Glue.

I want to lay this out in a format to help other newbies and to be instructional (weather to learn mu mistakes or successes) and get the best advice based on my own equipment… lets make this fun!

I did my research on strains to find a beginner friendly (and hardy) plant to begin with.
White Widow seems to be known for its resistance and ability to handle more extreme environmental changes.
Gorilla glue also seemed to be know as an easy grow and has a similar cycle length (based on the internet) to White Widow, heard lots of good from it.
I am using the following…
-Gorilla Grow Tent 4x4x? (No extender sadly no room)
-Phresh Exhaust 6Inch Multiple Speed (So good and quiet)
-Vipraspectra “full sprectrum” 2000W with Dimmer (Wanted Mars but Aus stock is limited)
-Coco/Perlite 70/30 Pre Buffered (THC Australia Brand)
-Nutrients, Cmag,CocoA+B, Nitrogen with Humic,Silica,B52,Roid,Eskit (All THC Australia)
-C02 Supplements (Exhale Bag and a shake able canister, feel like not needed)

I begun sprouting in a 5.8 PH Adjusted Water with Rockwool soaked for 15 minutes in it.
I just carefully dropped the seed in the and slowly scrapping over the fibers to block out light, let sit in a humidity dome under my baby CFL 100W (they claim) until I got some action (I know i can do it straight into Coco and in damp towel, but practicing for my DWC buckets I built).

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Between all you tagged please join me for the journey between the expert knowledge and the othe aussies local who understand the environmental battle that is winter all the help is appreciated. Please tag anyone who may have expertise in the coco field as well :slight_smile:

Will start posting my week one (sorry for the long post!!!).


This is 3 days after planting the seeds directly into the rockwool. It all happens so quickly but felt like a lifetime (I feel this whole process will be that same feeling).

I was really un-easy and kept changing from humidity dome, to removing it to get them closer to the CFL to avoid stretching, always changing its height. I was just very unsure at this stage so my best advice is JUST KEEP IT DAMP AND LEAVE IT, about 4 inch’s from CFL’s seems to be the general advice in its infancy, and its fine! They will get there and you can pop them straight under you LED’s (in my case) once this happens (I gave it one more day just for a lil bit more beef).

In Order:
GG#1: First to pop, worried her stem stretched.
GG#2: Second to pop, looked great
WW#1: Close to second but just lost the race, looks good.
WW#2: The runt of the litter but she still has a fighting chance!


Before transplanting the rockwool into a 1.4L pot (I waited to see roots at the bottom of the cubes). I pre soaked the Coco/Per in the same solution i fed my rockwool cubes (only once flowered and just enough to get a lil run off) before I transplanted.
Half strength CalMag, Qtr Strength CocoA+B and B52 (which is apparently good for shock to the plants).

Into the tent they go, 26inches above the plants at 60% on my dimmer, I watched like a hawk for stretching or burn and I fiddled with the dimmer a lot as I just don’t know?!


Thanks for the tag,
I’m in for the ride :v:


@Enlightened420 Always appreciated a fellow Gromie from down under watching! May definitely need your help along the journey!


Set to follow…thanks for the tag. :+1:

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This is day 3, I have alternated the lights a bit and dropped them to about 23’ and played with the dimmer (too much), 80%-100% back and forth.

I am not sure if this is stretching here guys so any help or advice would be grateful

My other girls in order:
GG#2 Top
WW#1 Top
WW#2 Top (My runt is growing :slight_smile:)


Not that I will be able to offer much advise, I am in for the ride and wishing you all the very best brother!
Where in Aus?

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Haha its ok, maybe you may have had similar struggles lol? We shall see…

Locked down in Melbourne with nothing else to do so what better time :smiley:, the cold weather has been a struggle but i just chucked in a heater for now, electricity is still being fair to me so its ok.

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Awesome in Melbourne too! I highly recommend a hydro shop out east -

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Yeah I am coming to end of my grow. The cold has been hard to navigate. I had to get some insulation from Bunnings and that helped significantly.
I got advise on here to run my lighting schedule at night from 6pm to 10am, best thing I did which also helped against the cold.

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Hahaha I have a Hyalite local as well, I use them they have been great!

I run my lights at night, but LED’s just aren’t generating the heat for my back yard shed lol.

The real concern about the heater in there is the space its takes, but hopefully by the time the size gets uncontrollable it will be moving into warmer spring.

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Thanks for the tag mate!
Watching and learning. Great to find another ‘local’ - even if you are from VIC :rofl:
Have fun and best of luck. It looks like your girls are off to a good start.

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Looking good do far, keep up the good work!

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Following, good luck!

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I have 4 ILGM Gorilla Glue about to start week 2 of flower tomorrow.I went to Sydney and Brisbane when I was in the Navy.( Had a blast! )Good luck and I’ll be checking you out…


@Westchef yeah i had a good life living in Sydney, pub culture!

Please feel free to post (if you can) your girls! Would love to see whats to come (hopefully lol)!

Hey gromies,

Week 1, Day 7:

HELP ME PLEASE! I have posted a separate thread about this a couple days ago and was re assured things looked ok, but they seem to be getting worse, there is some upward curling (not the whole leaves just parts) happening, its not pretty :frowning:
ANYONE please help what could be causing this to nip it in the bud early?! Can a doctor diagnose? Also I am not sure, is there stretch or nope?

MOSTLY otherwise things have been smooth sailing, with one feed a day at EC ranging around 0.4 - 0.6 (only the most recent was that high). I will leave it here no higher till the smaller lil leaves decide to pop off. I am currently in 1.4L Pots using 400ml per plant and lights sitting at 100% 23.5 Inches above plants, which are 5.5inchs to 4.5inchs.

Plants in order:
GG#1, GG#2, WW#1, WW#4


EOW 1 Report:

EC 0.4-0.6 (climbed gradually over the week)
PH 5.8-6.2 (Run off was 6.5 so am feeding 5.8 to lower)
GG#1 - 5.5"
GG#2 - 5.0"
WW#1 - 5.0"
WW#2 - 4.5"
20C - 27C
38% RH - 54% RH
Light from canopy 23.5" at 100%

Notes: Upward curling of partial leaves, otherwise looking healthy.

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Hey guys,

Sorry I know you guys probably get tagged for every simple lil thing newbies freak out about, so please know I feel for you lol even though i ask.

I am just tagging you guys in particular cause you have the knowledge base and so often offer great advice or seem to know where to point people to who may know.

My guess for the weird damage on the plant’s is this is either that my 1.4L pots don’t have the best drainage (is this a massive issue with coco?), or the small my fans my be causing some minor windburn as they were quite directly blowing on these babies (on lowest setting)? IT LOOKD WORSE than the pictures do justice… not overly.

@Hellraiser @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @Enlightened420 @MrPeat @Covertgrower @Cannabian @repins12 (and anyone else I dont know to add yet lol)