'The first grow - Where to invest?'

Hi there i(L)growingmarijuana community. Here’s Vítor from Portugal.

Im planning to start my first grow “purple bud/10-seeds” in the next week.

Im seeking to produce the highest yields i can hoping to harvest lots of weed!!!
My doubts are in the equipment to use. Hope you guys can give me some pointers.

I’ve read somewhere that 1-watt its equivalent to 1-gram of weed!? That’s why i was thinking to buy a 1000-watt HDI lights to start with. Not sure if works like that and that’s why im here hoping to get some answers from people who knows it all.

Someone also told me that planting just 1-seed might be more profitable in the end then planting 4!? I think his point was something like “we can focus in just one plant, having space for her to grow, etc… While if we plant 4 with short space they all will produce the same ammount of weed that just the single one will do.”. Is that real or? ^-^

Well thanks alot for further instructions;
Really hope you guys can help me with my opp.


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I’m growing 3 white widow rite now and next is going to be just one super cropped gold leaf using a scrog and low stress training (LST ) and the one plant from some of the setups I have been following will indeed yield almost the same amount it just has to be tended and watched to catch a problem before it gets a chance to get bad . Good luck

Thanks for the info Oldstoner.

What about the grow box?! Soil, water, lights, reflective material, fans, etc…

Really hope to get a few more answers.

Thanks alot!!!

@PortugalGuy have you looked at the seed section on this site ? If so click on the details section of the strain you want and it will give you what yield you can expect from a single plant grown under perfect conditions . Lighting depends on several things heat and full spectrum being some of the most important the HID , and that type of light puts off a lot of heat . My choice was to go LED lighting and so far I have been happy with it if you do research on led lighting you will find you get what you pay for . If this is just for you it is not so important but if it is to be for many and yield is a priority then @Iva is the guru of lighting and will have much better advice than I would . For a grow space it depends on how much room you have to dedicate to your grow if you have a whole room you can paint it ( FLAT ) White flat reflects twice as good as gloss. They also have tents as big as a room 10 x 10 down to 2 x 2 my tent is a small 3 x 3 tent . You will definitely need a fan or two for circulation this helps the plant get Co2 and makes it a hardier plant also . Is the smell of weed a issue where you will be growing ? If so then you will need a exhaust fan with a carbon filter because they will eventually smell up the whole house . You will need a ph test pen from amazon pretty cheap a ph up down kit also cheap at amazon I use fox farms trio for nutrients with liguid karma for stress . Hope this helps a little good luck

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This is a visual for you of what you can do in a small tent with 3 plants plus we all just love to share pictures of our kids lol . So do a search on here of scrog growing and you can see what a one plant can produce . Done right you can expect as much as 2 grown like I am growing which is why I will try one plant with more room to grow next time . I am now getting ready to ask some of the more experienced growers on here if I have over crowded my tent

Here is 2 super skunk that are growing in a 2foot x2footx50 in tall its perfect for 2 short fat plants got $150 invested 2-300watt lights everything works great but the people on this sit will be the most help they give you priceless information to help you get the best out of what you got and they will be a great help


A gram per watt is some thing growers work towards
I would get a grow under your belt before trying to predict your yield

The good growers can get a gram per watt with hid but an average grower can do it with led.
Also a good grower can get 1.8-2 per watt with DIY cob based LED lighting
All these number are based on nothing going wrong and perfect conditions
Growing more smaller plants is easier and faster to get higher yields but yes you can veg a single plant to the same yield but it will take longer and all your eggs are in the same basket
If some thing goes wrong and a plant dies or get a problems you have others to fill the spot or area but you dont with one plant.
The fastest and highest yields I have seen have been form sea of green style growers or outdoor trees

My fav here is the white widow, it grows well is easy to keep and the taste is very nice
But the pheno I have seems slow to clone
The gold leaf is another good one but I still like the WW more


Purdy tent… Oak approves!

you can pick up a decent grow tent for $150-$200 American on amazon,…there are many sizes to choose from based on what you need and how stealthy you need to be with it.
This is a 5 foot x 5 foot that is 6’8" tall…a very popular size…

Lights are very important and likely the single most important use of your grow budget… depending on that budget you can run a good grow with $150(usd) lights or up to $2500(usd) lights… the trick is to try and stay with reputable and proven light brands… the market Is being flooded with cheap knockoff brands making wild claims that just are not true.

you can get two of these for around $150(usd)

they are what I use and so far I am very happy with them.
you can also go with something like this for about the same price,…more intense but also produce more heat.

If money is not an issue and you just want some fantastic lights you can go with something like these…

whichever tent and light combo you pick you will need airflow and maybe even filtration so all of your neighbors cannot smell your weed… which is where these come in…

you have to keep fresh air in your grow tent…stale air runs out of CO2 and your plants will die… if smell is an issue run the air out through the filter so it kills the scent while providing passive suction to draw in fresh air… if smell is not an issue, run it in through the filter to prevent air contaminents from getting inside your tent, and vent it out passively… also, should you decide to use HPS lights,…you can run these through your light so it sucks out all the heat the light generates.


Have you tried the super skunk @Iva I have 8 plants going only 2 are this far in flower

I grew it in the 90s it was my fav
I got the seeds when I played paintball at the world cup and I gave clones to anyone last asked and the hold town seemed to be growing it :slight_smile: in the end I was looking for some thing else but getting seeds where I am was very hard to do then.

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