The final days... Ice baths!

How to do Ice Baths in a bubbler? I’ve heard good stuff but I need some particulars. Gonna flush for a few days. Distilled water and ANs finisher but how to ice bathe

suggest you freeze pint bottled water and place in water.
other methods of increasing harvest are: 48 hrs of dark and stem splitting.

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How many days of baths do you recommend @tanlover442

@tanlover442 what all does ice baths, darkness for 48 hours and stalk splitting do. I heard hard dense buds with more crystals and better flavor. Almost sounds too good to be true. Thank you

Beware of internet “sounds too good” stories.

splitting the stem and icing will produce a last dying gasp of trichomes.

4 days should get you all there is to get.

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