The End is Near - How Close Am I to Harvest?

Sorry about that, I wanted to edit the images and the time to edit had passed b/c all I had was trashcan. So I deleted and figured I would move it to the Harvest section since it was about harvesting.


How much longer should I let it go, since it is high cbd / low thc strain? Also, should I keep feeding nutrients till harvest or move to just water.

Thanks for your help and again, sorry about that.


Closest I have grown was 50/50 strain, and I treated it just as i have every other cannabis plant. Once most pistils have receded i started checking trichomes and harvested once i didn’t really have any clear.

From the pictures posted I would check back in early next week. These need a little more time in my opinion.

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Update with my buds , I hope its not much longer b/c my branches are drooping bad. I have them tied up and supported with some twine. I ordered a trellis net, but they sent the wrong one and I got busy with work and never followed up with returning it.

Also, so I understand better and hate to ask a dumb question, but I seriously do not know.

At this time, does the plant have both CBD & THC and I am just waiting for optimum levels or is it straight CBD now and the longer I wait to harvest (amber trichrome) is when the actual THC starts growing or whatever?

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

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Your buds are looking great i think. I agree totally with the moderator. I think you still have a couple weeks. Heres something you might need.


You should consider selling custom hash box’s. That is beautifully done.

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These are for sale. They will be on ebay within a few days. Priced $225 with leaf, $195 without.

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I updated this so soon, because I had a question about my leaves and my wife captured a couple better pics (closer and not shaky).

Is there an issue with my leaves in the 3rd pic or is this normal since the plant is getting closer to harvest or should I water more? I have quit using nutrients at this time (last week) to make sure I was not getting too many nutrients.

I have some that look worse and are completely dried up.

Also, since Harlequin is high CBD, does the plant currently have both CBD & THC and I am just waiting for optimum levels or is it straight CBD now and the longer I wait to harvest (amber trichrome) is when the actual THC starts growing or whatever?

Thanks and have a great week


Nice looking buds!! I’m curious to hear folks respond about the THC and CBD. My plants are about the same stage as yours and Im waiting for roughly 10-20% amber heads on the buds before I cut them. They are super frosty and smell great, but hardly any amber color yet.

Thank you, I am like a kid at Christmas too waiting for this to be done. I am glad the question about THC & CBD did not sound stupid to others :slight_smile:

Why you are waiting for the 10-20% amber? Is this when the most medical affects are or just personal preference?

I have arthritis, auto immune issues and suffer from anxiety and C-PTSD (yeah I am messed up dude). I had this in Vegas and never knew anything about it, except for the first time in my adult life I felt normal and pain was reduced tremendously. To the point it was just a minor annoyance. I got all that and stayed awake and focused too.

It is my hope that I can get mine with that same potency / med benefits.

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I am a newbie at growing, just finishing my unlikely first grow and starting my second. It seems as if most of the info I have read says that the plant is a peak THC when the tricomes are 20% amber, and the more amber they become, the more of a couch lock buzz the weed gets. I figure some folks prefer more couch lock so they want 50% or more amber heads on their tricomes, For me though, at least on this first grow, I’m going to try to get it around 10-20% and see how it smokes.

I cant confirm this but I do remember reading that the more tricomes are amber, the more of a medicinal weed it becomes. I would love to hear more about that topic. I am a total newb lol.

Amber trichomes are degrading and converting to cbn. You are correct in that some people look for this, but the highest concentration of thc should be with just ripened trichomes.