The dude/White Russian. White widow and ak47

So I have a couple White Russians going… it’s been awhile so looking for some reassurance. I didn’t rush them, about to flower. They’ve had a good 10 weeks from seed and are quite big.(2 almost filled out 4x4 scrog net,prob like 35 good bud sites on each). No topping, all LST. Kept the main shoot just below side shoots and they are all close to equal in size. Have had 600w MH on them, about to switch to 1000w hps. Ebb and flow/ hydroton, using advanced nutrients gmb… now assuming there’s adequate airflow/exchange and everything else is happy… oh yeah, co2 levels are on average around 1000ppm. I know there are many factors but generally speaking, would it be crazy to expect a gram per watt harvest?

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yes it would be crazy to EXPECT a gpw, LOL,

it is realistic tho to make that your goal.!!

i do not ‘count’ any buds until they r completely dried and jarred, even then i check the jars from time to time to assure nothing bad has happened to the buds.!


People claim to hit gpw with hid regularly. Although it seems easier to do with a 600.


Yeah, I know… so many things can happen even while drying or curing… but if everything was to go right and you had to make a estimate, based on my setup, what could I expect?

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i know u want to hear 1000 grams or more, but this is the hard truth…

600-1200 grams.!!

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Right on! Thank you! Finally, someone actually gave me a real answer. If you care… I’ll let u know what I get


Is a gram per watt really that hard or do people over complicate things, run the wrong lights and rush it? No way your gonna get a gpw if you only veg for 6 weeks from seed (4 actual veg weeks).

You know of any strains that would be ideal for my setup? Really need to find a strain that would do good with 4 sqft each (about 24 total or 96 ft sqft canopy.) close 45-55 day flower time. 6000 watts hps/maybe a MH mixed in, Would be enough light?

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interesting. With a 4’x4’ canopy a 600w hps seems easier to get a gpw? That’s only 37.5 watts per square foot… surely your talking about a 3x3 space, right? Is it the heat the 1000watt puts off that people aren’t able to exhaust a reason they’d get better results with a 600w? Well hell, a gpw is a gpw no matter the size of the canopy so is it really about placement/height of the light and being able to control the heat? What about the reflector? Are the basic, flimsy reflectors that come with the light total crap? Would a 400 watt light with a nice reflector out do a 600w with the basic reflector?

No, its because most 600’s are more efficient than 1000’s. When you put out more light per watt its easier to get more yield per watt. On top of that, there is only so much energy your plants can process. If you exceed point of diminishing returns your yield per watt of that excess will go down.

Ok. So is 62.5 watts per sqft exceeding the point of diminishing returns? At what point will adding co2 be useful? The difference in lumens per watt is pretty small… 1000w- 140lm/watt. 600w - 141.666667lm/watt. That’s with hortilife bulbs… I’m getting genesis bulbs… but the 1000 watt will cover more area equaling more overall yield per light fixture just not as efficiently (by 1.67lm) I’m about to setup a 128sqft flower room. Will have 240v… so 8-1000w fixtures (or 4 on light movers) or 12-14 600w? Amps are roughly equal… paying for watts (to the electric company) either way… now 600w fixtures are going to cost a lot more and it cost the same to run less 1000w fixtures. Is the 1.67 per light all I gain from using 600w fixtures?

In most cases, but you need calculate your light density to determine where you’re at and relate that to co2 levels. Most of that stuff posted is bulb data when new, doesn’t take into account your ballast efficiency. Every manufacturer is a little different.

Youd also get more coverage running more of the 600’s. In a room that big wanting to run big lights, you didn’t consider going double ended?

i see. so how big of an area does a 600watt hps cover and at what height? a 1000w hps? i have a lux meter… if i want to use co2 to increase yields, how many lux will i need? last time i had my stuff setup, there were no double ended lights or led so i never got into those setups. guess i should look at double ended lights? im wanting to stay as affordable as possible for first couple rounds in the big room, then i will upgrade to the really nice stuff. crazy how quickly growing has evolved since mmj has grown. i put my equipment away just before it all started but now i dont have to worry… i have my license! never thought my state would legalize… oklahoma… cant buy liquor on sunday, hell we just got normal beer(6%) in november. and on top of that, some of the loosest mmj laws around. and they decriminalized possession for non card holders, just a $400 fine… no court.

I dont usually deal in the lux so can’t help you there. Your light effectiveness will have more to with light blending from fixture to fixture. Gavita has the light layout documents, I would take a look at their website and review them.