The Dream Plant


And that, my friends, is why this forum is so valuable. It is almost midnight and I got an answer in less than 20 minutes ! I put her through a mini flush at midnight. The plant is likely thinking “It’s sleep time, can’t they leave me alone” lol

Time to try to get some sleep, perchance to dream! Going to grab some WW and crash. Later. Jerry


45-55% moss (Compost) (worm castings) the first hint is compost second hint is worm castings also the low peat content this is a fortified organic mix
A good starter blend. A true soil less like Promix or Sunshine mix is around 65-70% peat moss and 10-20% perolite with a little bark limestone gypsom etc. Compost is by it’s nature organic matter it can be confusing to tell between soils and soiless but best rule of thumb is if it’s more than 30% compost it will act like organic


Thanks for the clarification. Appreciate the help.


I’m just want to clarify this for myself. Is it safe to say that if a medium contains worm castings it is most likely a soil?


usually a super soil :wink: but yes the more compost castings bark the more it behaves like a top soil mainly it’s the peat content being almost 50/50 however if a person were to add 30% perolite it starts to swing back to soil less.


06-14-17 Day 19 (From Germination)

OK, after the flush it appears that the pH change is making a difference. The bottom leaves are a wasted but the upper ones are turning green and no more deficiency signs. YEA ! !

Hated to make a mistake like that but, just the way it is ! She looks like she may recover quickly, time will tell. No nutes or anything until they get better and most likely, will not add anything but Golden Tree until I reach flowering. I used Golden Tree on my last two grows from the start and they did great.

@Donaldj and @Majiktoker thanks for the clarification on the soil.

Ya’ll take care and stay safe. Jarry


@TxGrowman not a problem. My pleasure as always


I use organic peat/sphagnum/pearlite mix. 80 percent moss, 20 percent.pearlite. I seem to have a lot more control on PH issues with this mix. PH swings seem to be dampered for me. Easy peazy. :sunglasses:


Yea. My organic was not enough peat to make it as a hydro pH grow. That is where I screwed up on this grow. I almost want to kill the plant now and start over. It looks like it is going to take a long time to recover from the pH mistake I made. Live and learn.



@TxGrowman Why don’t you keep nursing her and drop another bean? I started a gold leaf about two weeks ago and she’s growing faster than I can keep up!


Only have room for one plant. The upper leaves of the plant look OK but am loosing all my other leaves from the severe deficiencies that the wrong pH did. Still doing the coin flip on this one. Have to decide tomorrow as I need the veg time.


Started another California Dream seed this AM. Going to try to get the two in a race and the looser will end up outside in a Okra bed ! The winner will end up in the Grow Box.


The only winner will be you! :grin:


06-16-17 Day 21

Well, she’s still looking really poor ! She needed water today (Aero-pot was super light) so I gave her 6.4 pH and she returned me a runoff of 6.7, PERFECT ! I gave a total of almost one gallon as I wanted to see how her soil is doing. Now if she would just get her roots in gear and start some new leaves ! !

Now the waiting game to see who is going to be the lady that gets flowered in one month ! Hoping my first plant will be the one. Gonna have a Dream Plant in the garden one way or the other. Ya’ll stay safe.



I think you made the right choice for sure @TxGrowman I would have done the same!


06-19-17 Day 24

This first dream plant has been a nightmare so far ! My fault for the pH problem initially. She just doesn’t seem to have the reserve to get going. pH is 6.7 in 6.7 out (Can’t get it much better than that !) and ppm is only 300.

Enter, Dream Plant #2. Popped her seed in the paper towel on Day21 and put her in the soil 24 hours later. She is now 3" tall and growing well. Sitting in starter soil and has her first set of true leaves and looking good. Got her under a CFL. We will see what goes. Ya’ll take care.


Sorry my servers were down for 2 weeks. Trying to catch up. I know this
is gong to be out of order…Oh well

You have to get that PH up to 6.5 or a little higher. The lower the PH,
the less available Nitrogen is. :slight_smile:


06-24-17 Day 29
The first Dream Plant did not recover from my lethal doses of low pH water. She is still hanging on and I have moved her to “ICU Greenhouse” outdoors to attempt more heroic methods of resuscitation. I gave her a large flush and am going to check on her tomorrow.

I have placed The Dream Plant #2 (hereafter #2) in a new fabric pot and placed her in the main grow area. I am happy with her progress and think she is ready. If not, well, guess it will be time to head to CO in a few months. I hate having to always hurry but “ya do what’s ya have ta’ do”

The roots which were surprisingly large for such a short time since germination. Looks very healthy from what I saw of the roots as I was transplanting her. Ya’ll take care. Jerry


I know we all look for a excuse for a bike run, but don’t take it out on your plants for one. :wink:


Actually I was just sitting down to lay out a run for this week with my friends. LOL We were heading to West TX where there isn’t much except high temps now. I talked them into a trip to Trinidad and back. Gonna pick up my friend in Ft Worth for the ride. Gonna be good times !

My plants will actually suffer no lapse in care this time. A friend’s wife will water them while I am gone. She knows my wife so she will just do the watering when she comes over to visit. She knows how to pH water and identify problems. She is starting to look at the Forum a little more but has not joined yet. I am paying her in brownies that I made. She thought she could eat a half brownie last night and found out that it was too strong. She said she will work for one brownie ! LOL

AHHH, the barter system in action ! Ya’ll take care. Jerry