The Dream Plant

OK, Starting again ! I was disappointed that the Blueberry Auto grow didn’t work out but decided to try the new seeds I got from Robert. It is supposed to be a fast grower and high in THC. Sounds good to me. Why did I call it “The Dream Plant”? I remember a skit that George Carlin did a long time ago about some old civilization smoking the “Dream Plant” as part of ceremonies. Just came to me last night.

I put a California Dream seed in a wet paper towel and in 20 hours I have a seed that germinated and was transferred to a starter soil mix when it had a 1 inch tap root. It is already almost 1/2 inch out of the soil and heading up after 36 hours from germination ! Really rarin’ to go. Have a pic that I will publish tonight or tomorrow.

I am disappointed that my sig other AGAIN planned a trip without telling me. I wanted to mainline the Gold Leaf but that is on hold again. Gonna try to get this grow in but am not sure I can stay here that long. Home situation is getting a little unbearable.

I will put a support ticket in soon. I am going to try a totally organic soil that I believe will be about the same as growing in coco and will require Hydro pH of the food and water. Will get it together soon and publish it. More Later. Stay safe my friends. Jerry


Good luck man. Glad I’m a hermit and stay home lol


I’m in as long as you are @TxGrowman


Tag me. Sounds like a worthy journey! :sunglasses:

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Good form on the Cali Dream @TxGrowman
Also have a Cali started in soil and only 9 days along (have her growing alongside a seed I’ve bred to see the difference in growth rates)
Tag me along and happy growing brother


@Babwe-Buds @OldStealth @bob31 @bruinsfan33

Here is her new-born picture. Believe it or not, she is only 36 hours from germination in this picture ! (Birthday: 05/27/17) Is MUCH taller today and getting her leaves opened up to the sunshine. Still getting my support ticket together but the “3B’s” (barbeque, beer and babes) are gettin’ in the way. I guess my dream plant will not be too mad at me. She will get LOTS of tender lovin’ care in the coming weeks !


5/30 - Day 4
Got my lady inside after having her in the sunshine today. She really stretched outside and I decided to bring her in and run a florescent setup of 6 - 100 watt equiv (23 actual watts) bulbs that are about 4 inches from the canopy (as it is ! ) and a small fan pointed on the plant to keep her from snapping the stem from the stretching.

She is looking good now and I am going to keep her inside from today on. Pictures to follow tomorrow or the day after. Have Grandpa duty tomorrow. Both my grandsons are out of school for the summer. Will make up my support ticket for the new soil and such.

Ya’ll stay safe. Jerry


06/01 - Day 6 GROW LIST/Support Ticket

What is the strain and type: ILGM California Dream, Fem

Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor

Size of space (max height and area, length/width)? 17"d x x18"w X 48"h (Inside dimensions)

Soil or Hydro? Black Gold 100% organic Grow Mixture in Aero-Pot grow bag. Mixture contains: Earthworm castings as a source of free nitrogen Soil is NPK: 0.05-0-0

pH: Of the soil or medium run-off: Believe that this will require Hydro level pH (5.5-6.3) at water and nutrient mix. Run-off: 6.0 Sweet spot: 5.9-6.0

Type and strength of nutrients used: For Veg: Possibly a weak 1/4 strength solution of 10-10-10 late in veg. Flowering: pH Perfect Sensi-Bloom. Anticipated adding during the grow: Jamaician Bat Guano (0-10-0) in early-mid flowering, Duce/Duce Nutrient (0-0-22) in mid - late flowering.

Temperature: Day 76-78 vs. night temp 66-70 Highest 82 and lowest temps 64

Humidity %: 40 Day vs 45-55 night

Light system: Mars Reflector LED Watts: Actual watts drawn: 138

Ventilation system: Size: 4 " CFM: 190 CO2: n/a AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: n/a Open Room window at night to recirculate air and bring in fresh air. Keeps temps controlled well.

Number “weeks/days”: Vegetative Growth: ~ 6 days.


Ya’ll Take care and be safe. Jerry


06/04 Day 9

Watered today for first time - 1500ml 6.0 pH water. Plant has third set of leaves coming in and is looking very healthy at this time. Still under the CFL’s but I am finding that the CFL’s are actually producing more heat than the LED does. Gonna keep on the CFL’s for another few days and then go to LED.

First time I have attempted the Dream Plant so I am not aware of how it grows or looks like. It seems like a very small seeding but is picking up size in the last few days. Will see what happens. We are getting all kinds of rain. Had over four inches in the last two days and only 0.7 inches all last month. My garden loves the rain !

Will put in pics in a few days. Not really much remarkable to comment on. That is a good thing . . . it means nothing is going wrong so far. Ya’ll stay safe.

Plans for the future of Dream Plant:

  • Topping at 5-6 nodes to have four main colas. Not enough time to do mainline but I should get good results with topping and some supercropping.
  • Considering adding molasses (one tbsp/gal) and Honey (1 tsp/gal) in flowering nutes as it is supposed to be good for growth and tightens up buds at harvest. Still researching that as I have a few weeks before that starts.

Boring is good Jerry @TxGrowman !

It’s nice to start a new grow!

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You know it brother !

Have been hearing about potassium silicate for flowering and overall growth. Did some research on it and am going to add it starting the next watering and use it through out the entire grow. Talked to a hydroponics shop owner and he said he uses it all the time. I have seen his grows so I cannot argue with him on yield ! ! Decided to go with Gen Hydroponics Armor Si.

Also will be adding Golden Tree nutrient this grow as with all my grows. I think it is the best for veg growth. Going to start low (2ml/gal) and work up. The manufacturer said to use 1 tsp/gal and back off if it starts to burn the leaves. I would rather start out slow and work up to good results now that I know what the plants look like with Golden Tree. I do not think that I would grow without it.

My current grow is going to be heavily supercropped and I want to see what she does. The seed profile says it is supposed to have a relatively high (600 grams) yield. I want to see if I can stretch that in my small grow box (16"x18"x48") and maybe come out with 4 - 5 oz (114 - 140 grams) off one plant. I believe attainable at 4 1/2. Never hurts to try.

My S. Kush grow yielded 2.1 oz out of one plant that was < 18" tall. I supercropped it some but not as much as I should have in retrospect. It really started looking good after the supercropping. Unfortunately, I did not notice it until I reviewed my journal and looked at the observations The main cola suffered the most from not doing enough work on it although it was still some killer weed. Does exactly what I need to keep me running.

Ya’ll take care and stay safe. Jerry

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06-06-17 Day 12
Still kinda puny but is reaching up. Have three nodes on this afternoon. Getting going is seems so slow and eats most of my patience.

Armor Si and Golden Tree tomorrow. Both of these should not effect the plant too much I am hoping. About an ml and a half of each in one gallon, pH’d to 6.0. Going to try to water enough that I get 10-15% in run-off and then check the pH to that. I will be using that same watering system for the entire grow.

Gonna go rest early, am going riding tomorrow and we plan on 300-400 miles. A big ride is coming up in early Sept.

Ya’ll take care. Jerry


06-09-17 Day 15
As I stated earlier, she is not looking bad but I would like to see more action on the top. I think that she is root forming now and that is why the top is not growing ?? The leaves look pretty good but am not impressed with her height or stalk strength. Got her swaying in the breeze but no thickening of the stalk yet.

I decreased the Armor SI to about 3/4 ml and used fish fertilizer (5-1-1) 1ml in the water today. pH was 5.6 when I added it to the fabric pot. My runoff was 6.4, I expected it would be a little high so I lowered the pH to 5.6 instead of going to my sweet spot of 6.0. I usually see an elevation in the pH on the first watering.

Left out the Golden Tree today and decided to give it at the next watering. Watering every three days so I will just feed every watering, just different 'nutes each time. A little extra work but it is not like I am working every day. My grow becomes my work for a few months. of course, have to take a day off here and there for riding the Harley !

Was thinking about adding a touch of Azos in the water. The seed was in Azos when it germinated. The dose for vegetative state is 2 tbsp/5 gal which equated to just over a tsp/gal water. Couldn’t hurt, it converts atmospheric nitrogen to a usable form for the plants through nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Gonna get around to pictures soon but not much to look at now ! Ya’ll stay safe and good growing !



06-11-17 Day 16
Still kinda bummed, can’t seem to get her to stretch and show growth. The pH is in range at 6.4 (Range 5.5 - 6.5) but cannot get a good growth spurt out of her yet.

Going to check out my ppm and pH to see what is going on today or tomorrow - doesn’t really need water today. Going to lower pH in and see what happens.

Have her on CFL lights now but am going to also change to my LED. I usually run the CFL’s for a three weeks and take them out for LED, but have seen little growth so I will change now. Gonna figure out what is going on today or tomorrow. Jerry

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@Majiktoker @latewood @Donaldj Need some assistance.

COPY/PASTE: This “Support Ticket” into your forum post. Answer these simple questions the best you can. If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA
ILGM Support Ticket:
What is the strain and type:
California Dream Fem
Indoor or Outdoor? indoor grow box Size of space (max height and area, length/width)? 16"x18"x48"
Soil: Soil ??
pH? 5.5 - 6.3 Runoff; 5.9 yeaterday Was previously6.4

Type and strength of nutrients used? 5-1-1 1ml/gal Armor SI 0.7 ml/gal

Temperature? 70 - 80
Humidity %? Day 45% vs. night 50%
Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR? Mars Hydro 138 actual watts don’t know PAR
Ventilation system? yes Size: 4 inch CFM: 193 cfm CO2: No AC; Home A/c Humidifier: no De-humidifier: no
Number “weeks/days” from Germination: 18 days

Not really sure what is going on. SO far this grow has been a total bust ! Can’t seem to get anything going my way on this one. Several problems that I am having all at once. Not sure if it is the soil or the pH I am treating it at. When I got my soil, I was told that it would grow as a hydro grow as far as pH of nutes/water. Here is the bag:

I have been keeping the pH in the hydro range and the plant looks terrible. Has been a very weak green from the start.
Today was either nutrient problem or pH. I am betting pH as it has only had minimal nutes.

Sorry for the poor pictures.

I just got my runoff pH to the 5.9 after my last watering with 5.3 water. After that, the plant started showing deficiencies and I am wondering if I should really be in the soil range with the pH? Where to turn from here ? ? ? ? ?

My Dream Plant is looking more like a dream. I have been having a lot of home problems and need someone that can look at this from a detached point of view. Appreciate it !

Thanks Jerry

She appears cal Mag deficient @TxGrowman

The ph should be 6.8 in soil my friend that might entirely be your problem

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The ingredients on the bag seem to be a mix of different products none of which appear to be soil? Unless that is forest products? I’d have gone in at 5.8 myself Jerry @TxGrowman

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is this a soil less mix? no it’s organic so your ph should be in the 6.5 level
also you shouldn’t need any silicate least of all with your lady being so small as well your soil will have a decent enough charge to get your plant to 5 node mark likely further with nothing added.


@bob31 That is what I was going on. Sure looks like no soil in it !

@Majiktoker @Donaldj Thanks for the quick answer. I kinda figured it was pH but I haven’t slept in about two days and my thought’s are not the clearest tonight.

Where I bought the soil said it should grow under the hydro pH. Obviously, that was untrue. I ran a gallon of 7.3 through it tonight and will check on her tomorrow PM. Screw it - tomorrow I ride the Harley. She will have to fight this one by herself for tomorrow. Going to leave out all nutes (I usually do) from here out to flowering. I am going to check her pH tomorrow PM or Wednesday AM.

With the pH so wacked out, I do not think there is a deficiency, just lockout. Will keep watching it ! Jerry