The Don and the Dancer. Grow journal of Godfather OG, Gold Leaf, and auto Do Si Dos

This do si dos auto is going at least a week and a half longer than the other that I harvested. This one is the one I did NOT top. She sure is a beauty. Im guessing two of those colas will be equal to her sister plant.

A godfather og and a gold leaf. Both are beautiful plants. Can’t wait to snake them. The do si dos autos are better than anything from the dispensaries.

I was bit by an Akita as I tried to save its life. Long story. That’s why I can’t do anything. It was really badly infected and needed surgery and it was right where your forearm pivots so healing wasn’t possible. I’ll refrain from posting gory pictures. Let’s just say I’ve had one hand for the last month.

A few pictures of my godfather og flowers.

A couple pictures of my second do si dos. The next to be chopped.

Godfather og:


The first do si dos

A common occurrence through my first grow is having to prop branches up. Here’s another leaner. A good problem, but a problem none-the-less. I’ll probably veg the plants longer next grow to be able to handle the weight. Here’s an un-topped Godfather OG. It’s usually a strong enough plant, but maybe not this time?

This gold leaf plant is giving me the most issues. Some of these plants are about to be chopped early. The buds are too heavy for the plants and I can’t keep them supported.

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Is it normal for a plant to be near ready for harvest with white pistils, still? I know the picture doesn’t show much? But the trichomes are clearly turning amber everywhere. There’s amber, cloudy, and clear trichomes altogether on the buds and leaves.

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This is the un-topped do si dos, just before it lost its main cola to harvest. I kept the popcorn buds to grow a bit more. Lol


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The un-topped do si dos


I harvested the large buds from that do si dos autoflower and kept it to finish the small ones.


Not bad for my first time free-hand rolling a 12” joint. Took two papers, but I got it.

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Here’s a decent shot of what the inside of a branch structure is.

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Godfather Og is the most difficult weed to trim. At least I’ll have some good trimming shear hash afterwards.

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The fimmed godfather OG has small buds so the sugar leaves are staying to help it dry slower. Also, full confession, I have 6 more plants to harvest and this trimming is tiring on a hand that just had surgery.

This gold leaf is really close. Took her outside to check out the trichomes in natural light. She’s a beauty. Propped up the branches that needed it and back under the light she goes.

Not much going on. Just a hash kind of night.