The distance my lights need to be from planes

Right at about a month in on my plants short and stubby I had the lights closer and then brought them up hoping the plant would grow towards the light but it did not They are about 10" 12" tall and what would a good height be for my three 300 W LEDs and to CFL 1750lm

It just how they grow under red blue or spiderman LEDs
Once you switch them to 12/12 they will grow more the normal shape
In the end they all look the same
Growing under COB LED they dont do this so it the white light (green orange yellow)
spiderman LEDs lack that does it. They are getting all they need so growing isnt needed

you really need to look at swapping to 12/12 soon or they may get away from you later on

I was going to give them a week to heal and then recheck and go to a 12 12 or do you think I should just go ahead and go to the 12 12

Do you mean by get away from me as in I won’t leave them the hell alone and they will die you’re not gonna hurt my feelings I’d rather the truth be told thanks @Iva

Get away as in out grow the grow space
"Procrastinators grow nice weed" take that message how you will
Mine end up over twice as big once flowering is completed
On my last single plant grow growing in a fridge went from 23cm when I swapped over to 12/12 to 78cm (with bending) at the end of crop time when you add the pot it starts to get hard to keep the light high enough not to burn the tops
Only the top foot or so grows nice usable high quality flower so if you plant is 3 foot tall that alot of wasted plant.
She still looks alittle unhappy i would give it a few more days to a week but that is me
They your plants dont let ppl tell you what to do, do what you think is best just learn from what you find its not rocket science. Even is you screw it all up you will get some nice bud that will taste better because you grew it.



I’ll spread that thing open like a blooming onion , give her another 2 weeks to grow and turn and stretch into the lights and than switch it on 12/12 for two weeks , than a week on 11/13 , than 10/14 and let them finish but that’s just me , here is a photo of what I’m talking bout spreading it open.

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depends on what strain you are growing. I don’t have much room so I go with shorter plants. Or plants that grow to 24 to 36 inches full grown. if the genetics of your strain is for a taller plant I would wait a little longer. hope this helps.

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Super skunk

well from what I gathered super skunk is a short to medium strain for height. so what it is now is how much room you have to grow tall. I would give them a couple more weeks. keeping them in the grow stage is really up to you. and as far as light distance with led most makers say 2ft above the canopy. hope this helps.

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@pops this is what my light cycle says on the paperwork Advised light above plants for seeding,growth and flowering time:
Germination-------------24-30 inches
Vegetable – --------18-24 inches
Flower------12-18 inches I have 3-300watt lights

18-20 is good for flowering

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well id go with the chart. you are in veg stage start at 24 give it a couple days to see how the plants react. if your not getting the desired result move closer.

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Ok got to say it … I would keep my plants as far away from planes as possible. They are loud and the propellers cut the plants up :flight_departure::flight_arrival::small_airplane::stuck_out_tongue:

I think depending on the LEDs you have the distance can be tricky to judge. Good ones from Kind down to Mars are reliable and generally give good advice on their charts but the knockoffs can require closer range and have smaller footprints.

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