The Dilemma, to Mulch or not to Mulch

Hi All,

I have a big decision to make. I had a bunch of mystery seeds that came from some flower. The genetics are obviously quite poor because they consistently produce HERMIES!

Sure enough, I flipped my 4 plants and they all appear to hermie.

So the dilemma, I have 1x Gold Leaf and 1x White Widow that sprouted 1 week ago. Do I Mulch the 4 hermies and focus on the seedlings? OR do I keep the hermies and let them continue flowering (6 more weeks) while vegging the seedlings under a CFL?

Thanks in advance!



I’m sorry but I’m not seeing the male parts.

Mulch. Don’t use those seeds anymore they have a herm trait.

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I’d be careful. I still don’t see boy parts.


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VERY slightly hermie, that is why I’m a little hesitant. I think I’m going to keep them for another week while the seedlings mature.

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Mulch! Lol

Oh and clean your grow room, sanatize.

I’m talking less than 5 per nug/node. When I grew this last year I didnt realize they had hermied until after harvest. Very under developed seeds scattered through the yield/harvest. Nothing like your pic

That’s a herm 100%

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Show me a closeup view of the nanners.

I found one this morning.