The day of disturbance

Ok I’m growing a black berry kush I flipped the lights roughly 12 days ago (Monday is 2 weeks) she looks like she is finally getting preflowers. So today I have disrupted them 2x now and plan on a couple more times before lights come on. I have actually shut myself in there for 15 min at a time to check for light leaks. So far nothing. I hope I figure this out because there was absolutely no strench or pistols. I’m trying to be patient…
Any suggestions @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32

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No stretch? Strange. Maybe a genetic mutation I dunno.

The only thing I can think of is my lights are coming on before 12 hrs. So I’m keeping a close eye on it today

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How are your light levels? If they’re having photons crammed down their throat they can get a little pissy sometimes.

I don’t remember exactly but they are over 18 in away from top of plant

@Sirsmokes I have a perpetual going and I found the best way to get the girls to show flowers on week one of the flip is to switch to 16/8 at 6 weeks of veg then 14/10 for weeks 7 and 8. Works like a charm for me.
Flower week 1

You can try backing them off a little. See if that sparks some growth and helps them along

Yea it’s sit ting on a bucket I will take it off when lights come on

Lights and temperature I think are the most contributing factors to stretch. @Sirsmokes

Yea everything’s monitored but nothing out temp hi 60 lights out and upper 70s lights on sometimes low 80s so I’m being impatient I guess she’s just taking her time

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@dbrn32 lights are 28 in away without me moving plant off bucket so has been at that height for the 2 weeks. But I continued to check every time I went out to the garage and I smoke in the garage so it was quiet often and nothing no light leaKS and no diodes on nothing lights on 10pm on at 10 am so my only thought is to either make it go 14/10 or throw it in complete dark for a couple of days any thoughts?

Try giving 24 hours dark and then revert to 12/12