The curing processs

Hey guys I’m curing and I wanted to know how long I can keep the jars closed without burping them?

I do every 12 hrs when I use jars look into Grove bags they work pretty good so every 12 hrs burp for 20 mins

Thank you :pray:t5:

Wtf are “grove bags?” new to me.


Burping is the best part of the day. the house smells soooooooo good after :wink:


they are a curing bag that you don’t have to burp jus dry ur herb and toss it in there close the bag and don’t open it for 14 to 21 days


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that’s the back

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Looks interesting, Do they work well?

Yes I jus got turned on to them not to long ago but I have a few buddies who live by them

Those look pretty convenient. There out of stock in the 1/4 lb bags.

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this is a pic of the og cheese from 2019 was by far my favorite it’s from Ethos


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Bro u just got me excited as hell seeing these bags. I am going to order some tight bow. Hopefully they get here before i have to trim these 4 plants that are hanging. Burping 25 jars is gonna suck. It sucks doing 7 jars right now let alone adding 4 more plants to the mix and tearing down 3 more this weekend

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Well I’m glad I could be off assistance man keep on keeping on

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Cool where can I get these and for about how much

Google them, u can find them easy.

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Wish I could find a smaller purchase quantity, sounds like a good idea but I’m not dropping hundreds of dollars to avoid burping a few jars. I could see someone that harvests tons of weed buying large quantities but not me.

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Look closer on web site! Can but in 10’s, 25 lots. And you can mix and match sizes.