The cure tube, good or no?

so I recently ran into this company through instagram and have seen some people promoting their stuff but I was wondering if anyone on here has tried this product or something similar to it? Good, okay, not worth it? This is my first grow and I have read and heard several times that one of the most crucial parts of the grow is the final cure so I want to make sure I am doing it right.

I have looked online for someone that has reviewed it but have had no luck so hopefully you guys can help me out.,
The Cure Tube

I wouldn’t buy it. A jar with a hydrometer is essentially the same thing. It’s very easy to cure buds. They just sit there, you just need to make sure to burp them right


what is burping and how?

Burping is taking the lids off the mason jars to let fresh air in, some people do it two or three times a day lessioning the frequency over time, I only do it once a day for 15 mins for first week then every 2nd day then once a week then once a month etc and they turn out good


so how long does this need to be done for?

I just converted some fluffies from last year in the oven to make some tincture and they were still in great condition ,

As long as you want to, it’s a good way to store if you have a lot imo , it’s easy as to do, there arebYouTube videos on the subject that’s how I learnt how to do it

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I followed this method.
This method is particularly effective for folks who are starting out, those looking to maximize quality in a shorter period of time, and folks who’s like to produce a connoisseur-quality product each and every time with no guesswork involved.

It’s a very simple and effective process:

Cut the product, trim it per your preference, but don’t dry it until the stems snap. Take it down while the stems still have some flex, but the product feel dry on the outside. This is a perfect opportunity to drop the dry-feeling flowers onto a screen and collect prime-quality kief that would otherwise get lost in the jar.

Jar the product, along with a Caliber III hygrometer. One can be had on Ebay for ~$20. Having tested a number of hygrometers - digital and analog - thismodel in particular produced consistent, accurate results. The Hydroset/Xikar hygrometers are alsorecommend after calibration. Then, watch the readings:

+70% RH - too wet, needs to sit outside the jar to dry for 12-24 hours, depending.

65-70% RH - the product is almost in the cure zone, if you will. It can be slowly brought to optimum RH by opening the lid for 2-4 hours.

60-65% RH - the stems snap, the product feels a bit sticky, and it is curing.

55-60% RH - at this point it can be stored for an extended period (3 months or more) without worrying about mold. The product will continue to cure.

Below 55% RH - the RH is too low for the curing process to take place. The product starts to feelbrittle. Once you’ve hit this point, nothing will make it better. Adding moisture won’t restart the curingprocess; it will just make the product wet. If you measure a RH below 55% don’t panic. Read below:

Obviously, the product need time to sweat in the jar.As such, accurate readings won’t be seen for ~24 hours, assuming the flowers are in the optimal curezone. If you’re curing the product for long-term storage, give the flowers 4-5 days for an accuratereading. If the product is sill very wet, a +70% RH reading will show within hours. If you see the RHrising ~1% per hour, keep a close eye on the product, as it’s likely too moist.


I put my bud in brown paper bags to dry out if the RH was above 65%. It draws the moisture out into the bag as opposed to the air.


Thank you very informative!!

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I do the same , I hang , trim, re hang then paper bags then into jars,

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I just jarred up 6 Oz and have one that was 50% rh overnight couldn’t I put a leaf from my growing plant in to bring the rh back up to get them to cure or is the curing happening when it is sitting after the bovede pack is put in