The cure and using bóveda 62

I’m wondering about the cure i think I may have dry a lil to quickly I hung whole plant in complete dark darkness and had air circulation very little I’df any direct air on cannibis drying for about 6 days with RH at 45 Room amd temp 70 degrees to 75 my area is 8x4x8 grow tent I waited to the stems snapped and trimmed it all up my strain are blue skittles and biscotti smell is amazing no hay or grassy nose in my mason jars they holding at 45 RH and 69 degrees I added bóveda Pack 62% to my jars currently my jars are at 48 and I believe it’s going up in hopes to get to correct humidity and temp am I doing this right any suggestions it my first grow and cure my jars are in complete darkness big mouth mason jars half gallon 2/3 full

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Probably faster/longer than you would want. Too dry and warm for long dry. I jar when smaller stems aren’t pliable but before they break if I can. Especially if you can monitor rh in jars.