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So I harvested my plant on 6/10. I wet trimmed and hung to dry in my tent. The drying environment has been a constant 70 degrees, 55-65RH and plenty of airflow. Yesterday the stems seemed ready by doing the snap test. They will snap but not fully break, depending on the size of the stem.

Now to make sure I’m on the right track with a cure…I put a hygrometer in a jar and placed a few buds in the jar and sealed it…the RH has been a steady 65%. Is that a proper humidity to start the jar curing? I know I have to burp it a couple times a day…but am I on the right track?


Yes that’s real close most people here use a 62% rh .bovida pack. They say 62is perfect.
As far as burping the first week to two weeks they need to be burped 3 times a day. Then after that they only need bured 1 to 2 times a day for another week or so and that’s supposed to be it. I just read something yesterday that said if you get a good flush then there’s no big need for a long cure 2 to 3 weeks should be fine



I do have 62% bovedas…I was planning on burping them until they get down to around the 60-62% range and then add the boveda…


And burping isn’t just open the jar and close it you need to leave it open a little bit so the air can transfer out so leave it open like 10-15 min per burp


Most use the bovida during the cure because they can add or take moisture as I understand it I personally don’t use them myself


I usually go 45 at the beginning until it stops getting moist


That will work


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Yea I’ve read differing things regarding the boveda packs. My thought will be to get them where I want them then add the packs for longer storage.

What would be too high a humidity for jars?


@dmykins I use them after I’m done for storage so they don’t dry out and in storage I burp them once a month


@BigDaddyCain @Sirsmokes

So it’s been a little over a week of curing. I burp them for a period of time everyday. The RH in the jars fluctuates between 63 and 65%, holding more 63%.

When do I know I’m done curing and burping? It will be two weeks this weekend…


If you have burped them for 2 weeks one more week burping 1 time a day should be good but without actually feeling the buds and moisture I can’t accurately say. As long as your rh is not jumping off the charts and the buds aren’t feeling wetter than they were the last time you burped them I’d say you are really close


@dmykins yes cureing can take up to 3 weeks on your next burp take all the bud out of jar and spread it on a plate for 30 min make sure it is flat on plate and if it is crispy when you squeeze it then the bud is dry and cure. The reason you cure is to get the moisture out of center of the bud so it is completely dry and eaiser to burn so you get clean smoke with out the harsh taste


New to the term “burning”, what is this?


Burning can be from smokeing to nutrient burns. What burn do you mean


I wold think you are talking about either nutrient burn or light burn and it’s just what it sounds like you feed them to much and you burn them or you may hear someone saying a soil is to hot, that means it is strong with nutrients and light burn is exactly that light burn


Plants can get a sun burn that is not light burn tho sun burn is what makes the stems turn a purple color on the fan leaves


Keep getting spell check: burping