The correct amount of soil needed to grow a plant


Assuming that your going straight from sprout to main grow pot…being indoors what’d be the least amount of soil you would need to stay in that same pot till harvest?


David you’re going to get as many answers as there are pot sizes… :frowning:

personally I’m using threes I wouldn’t have had a problem with fives and they may have been a better choice.

I think 3 or 5g. if you’re just running a quick cycle, and 5-7g. if you going to do mothers.
-good luck


too vague to answer how many plants how big a room what style of grow they all factor heavy strain nutes being used etc… 5 plants in 4’x4’ 3 gal conventional natural grow with 6-8 week veg no training up to 9 plants sea of green 3 gal same space 2-3month veg 5-7 gal no training 2 plants same space for the 7 gal 3-4 for 5gal longer you veg bigger the pot


Yes your right. This was my first grow. Started off with 2 plants for a trial run. One is a white rhino(fem), the other was male. Got a 4×4×6 room with a 400w Hid. All org. soil and fed nutes 1/ wk.spray daily. Also got fans and temp. Control.
On 6th week I started 12/12. Today after my earlier post, I trans. into a 5gal. I know I’m breaking rules but she’s got 16 bud nodes; (4up each side), and I’m low stress speadind her top 2 cuz im running out of h space…i just hope shes gonna make it after this trans. I did today. Thanks man.