The conference at ann arbor


Well I went to my first conference March 27th and all I can say is what a learning experience.
There was so much knowledge there and so little time. I CAN’T WAIT TILL THE NEXT ONE AND FROM WHAT I HEAR IS THAT THIS ONE WENT SO WELL THAT ALL THE SPECKERS WANT TO DO ANOTHER CONFERENCE, ( Sorry about the caps ) But the speacker that I went after Was Leighton Morrison and we spoke for some time. I have my own amendment for soil and he agreed to analyze it for me and he also seemed very interested in it. and we are also looking at the juice that was squeezed from this amendment that I have for it’s qualities So I should know something here in the next few weeks.
I’ll be posting more on this in the coming week.


Looking forward to the results.

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Cool news Will. Was this Ann Arbor MI?
The cannabis cup coming up this summer in Clio, MI. I’ve never been to one, but seriously thinking about it.


You and me both … lol
Last time I talked to him he was on his way to New England… But check out his website. Awesome stuff there. He also told me that he very well may use what I have with his own amendments. Now that would be way cool.


If you ever get a chance to go Go for it. You will never regreat it that’s for sure. You’ll wounder what took you so long … lol


I’m very interested in using some tea from your soil amendment.

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Ok …but first I have to wait for test results to see if it’s to strong or fine the way it is… I also have the juice from it also, Should be interesting for sure,
So how have you been. I’m doing … lol that’s about it. Been raining off an on for weeks, I feel like i’m back in Seattle … lol

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Keeping busy. Starting a new job this week



Leighton called me yesterday and said it was the best he has ever seen and that it had 16 to 18 different ameio acids, and that the juice is most likely pure ameio acid. He is now going to send it off and have it completely analysed and send me the reports produced,

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That’s awesome. Is this amendment a secret or did the post the recipe before?


@garrigan65 I just read the article you posted about humid and fulvic avid. I’m interested in making a Goliath spray of fulvic avid and seaweed extracts for clones.

Do you have any info on suitable roducts and a recipe for this?

Thank you.



To be honest, No I don’t " But you know it’s coming wright … lol **
I just need to wait for the test results to come back and then I’ll start.
Understanding and knowing how it works is a major part in coming up with a new product.

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Thank you sir. My outdoor suoersoil boxes are doing great, just add water.

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