The color is making me worry

I’ve been following my nutrition schedule seems like I may be over nutrition in them light makes them look more yello.i turned off my light and they are lighter green

Looks more like deficiency than burn. Fill out the support ticket the best you can, especially pH and PPM of nutes and runoff.

I just sent my meaters back to Amazon pH meter one calibrate and I got an $8 one to stick in the dirt it says th moisteners light and pH pH is between 6n7ive been light on nuts so I’ll refeed then and see how it goes

Don’t trust that one. From everything I’ve heard they’re pretty much useless.

is this the one I’m talking about I did have pH to calibrate a pH that’s why I don’t trust the light measurement on it so much and the moisture it works but I do need pH and a part per million meter you know any of them the right under $30

I got a Vivosun pH and TDS combo pack off Amazon for about $20. The TDS is good enough to keep. The pH meter will have to be calibrated at least weakly.

Save up for a better pH meter in the near future, but the VS will get you by for now as long as you keep it calibrated.

And when they say the meters aren’t waterproof, take their word for it. I dunked my pH meter the other day and now I’m flying blind. Luckily I have a good idea of what I normally need to add to get in range, so I won’t kill any of my plants before I get a new one, but I’m sure they’re not as happy as they could be.

That is junk…
Sorry to say that…
You will never know what’s going on with your plants with using that meter…
They are worthless…


I ordered new meaters getting them on Friday since I’m in flower this discoloration is going to hurt my end result?the room is 60%humiddity and 78dg light are 12in above plants does all they sound good. Or should I ajust something besides my nut’scould I be over watering I usually water every other day and I skip nutrients every other watering