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A hopefully ongoing log of my garden.

I decided that I wanted to grow this year and started with the ILGM Super Auto seeds and have grown 3 sets of two plants through the season. I have been very pleased with my results so far and would like to think I have come a long way.

This 3rd set was planted august 10th and is growing in what I believe are 4 gallon plastic pots. I decided to Lst the GSC (left) for practice and because I enjoyed the smoke. And decided to let the Bruce Banner (right) grow itself in hopes that it would bring out similar color traits that I got from the first plant (it did but with a twist!).

Bruce Banner Auto

Both the phenotypes that I have grown have had purple color although this one is much more mild, its still very encouraging!

(photo from another day)

Comparing Bruce Banner phenos

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

I also have 3 different photoperiod strains that started as clones. They are their own story that can and most likely will be addressed later. But they are strong into flower and are coated in resin. The largest plant is behind in flower but would take 3 people to to wrap around it and is over 7ft tall!

I am dealing with leaf septoria that wasn’t treated properly but has been a lesson learned.


This is the first Bruce Banner phenotype I grew. The buds have a very sweet berry scent and are very eye catching but I honestly miss a little bit from the high its very heady but not very potent. Optimistic about future grows though!


Cola pictures during a Rainstorm :upside_down_face:

Nice big photos, your land looks nice.

So ilgm actually mixed up their Bruce banner seeds and looks like you got some of those mixed seeds.
It’s a strain they don’t actually sell yet called Purple Hulk

Thanks Nicky, and Ive heard that from a couple people now.

Should I build/buy a greenhouse?

Main thought is it could extend the season a little bit a protect plants from the wind and rain.

Looking into next year Im considering using ILGM again and like the sounds the Hero pack (SkywalkerOg, Bruce Banner, Black Widow). Anyone else thinking about seeds or next year?

Dawg Star
rescue grow finishing strong

Harvested the first photoperiod plant this year. Impressed.


Plant one done hanging. Second plant comes down today, Im out of room for more hanging lines and have two plants left that are both larger than this first plant. I need to get creative this year. I’ll have to do my auto flowers in my closet dry box that uses a 4 inch cloud line fan to filter out the smell.

I might be forced by the weather to cut both of the plants tonight. :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

In order. (Autoflowers)

  1. GSCE 2. GG 3. Purple Hulk (Bruce Banner imposter!)

GSCE was the best smoke out of the pack and Im eager for my second plant to finish before the weather turns so that Im able to have some for the winter months.

Gorilla Glue Is a great smoke and Im about to finish my last jar for the two plants this year this strain fixed my sleep schedule, moving bedtime from after midnight to before 10 most nights😂.

Purple Hulk was a very fun surprise that sent me running to the forums to figure out that the Bruce Banner seeds had been mistakenly replaced by different seeds! That ILGM hasn’t listed yet on the site. I hadn’t grown a strain that presented such deep colors on so much of the plant. The nugs smell like Berrys and wax. I do not enjoy the smoke very much, which is disappointing but the next plant is another opportunity.

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Rainstorm tomorrow morning so that means overtime on the second plant. Unknown Photoperiod clone. I honestly don’t know where the second half of this plant is going to hang but we are going to just keep making more space.

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In soil August 14

ILGM Purple Hulk Auto

ILGM Girl Scout Cookies Auto

My outdoor Grow Shortlist 2022->
(in no particular order and subject to change)’

Durban Thai x c99 (Brothers Grimm Seeds)


Fire Og

Durban Poisan

Super Skunk

Banana/Blackberry/Mango Kush

Bruce Banner (since it wasn’t in my order…)

Im hoping these can finish strong, check out the color coming out on the GSC.

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Will harvest this as soon as I am able to make room from the photoperiod plants. Lets just say I underestimated my plants. Oh well not a bad problem to have.

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