The Chocolope Twins, co-starring Big Bud and Amnesia Haze

Hello boys and girls, I decided to post my grow journal because of a very unusual anomaly I discovered during germination… TWINS! If you haven’t read my previous post, I will get you up to speed.

Sunday, October 23, 2016
Germination: Three seeds (all feminized), one of each Amnesia Haze, Big Bud and a Chocolope in water for a good overnight soak.

Monday, October 24, 2016
All the seeds had sunk to the bottom of the glass, and the Chocolope seed had already opened. Placed all three soaked seeds each in their own peat pod and placed them on a heat pad. They are inside a humidity dome and under a full-spectrum T5 lamp that is kept on 24 hours, this keeps the temperature at a steady 77° F.


Thursday, October 27, 2016
Amnesia and Big Bud :slight_smile: have both popped up after three days, still waiting for Chocolope :unamused:.

Friday, October 28, 2016
TWINS! Very strange, but there are two separate seedlings that sprouted from the single Chocolope seed. I separated them and put the twin in its own peat pod. They don’t look very strong and probably won’t live. Afterthought: unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the two seedings mangled together in the one seed – I really didn’t expect them to live.

As you can see, I turned on the LED lamp (on for 18 hours) and turned off the heat mat. The extra boost in lighting seems to have helped the twins.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016
The twins seem to be thriving, though slowly, and appear to be a few days behind their sisters in growth. Since roots are starting to show out the bottom of the Amnesia and the Big Bud, I’ve planted all four seedlings into 4" pots using a mix of 60% Foxfarm Ocean Forest, 20% Coconut Coir, and 20% Pearlite. This worked really well on my last grow, therefore, if it ain’t broke…

Even though they were all germinated together, you can see the big difference in size between the singletons and the Chocolope twins.

So. That brings me all up to date. Today’s pictures show the Chocolope Twins trying to catch up to their big sisters… they refuse to die. What little fighters! :two_women_holding_hands:

Notice how the stem and leaves are bent and curled, just like my human twins, they were all crammed into such a tiny space it takes time to uncrinkle yourself.


I can see em

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4/4 on germination. Very nice. Should be a great mix when they are all done. Cheers!

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That’s awesome. 2 from 1. Talk about being packed like sardines.

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Thank you! Only it’s 4/3 – 4 plants from 3 seeds!

LOL, yes, that’s exactly what they looked like, sardines! :laughing:

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Okay, so since I’m up to date on my journal, let me back up for a minute to talk about the process and the all important gear I’ll be using.

My grow tent might be small at only 2’×2’×5’, but it does the job – I only have to supply myself. I have it set up in the corner of my master bedroom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… the hubster is not thrilled.

Anyway, inside I have a Vivosun 4" inline fan (2500 rpm) sucking the heated air (and smell) out at top with an iPowe 4" Air Carbon Filter connected to it whenever the smell gets overwhelming. I have another smaller inline fan at the bottom pulling fresh air in. Lots of air movement is important; I’ve never heard my plants complain of stagnant air.

My lighting consists of one Lightimetunnel 300W Full Spectrum LED that is used for both vegatative and flowering stages. I’m really happy with it and it was cheap, so no complaints. I also have four full spectrum CFL’s, one hanging down from each corner. They are more for my own eyesight and photography than for the plants, but a little suplimental lighting never hurt anyone.

As for fertilizer, I’ll be using FoxFarm’s Dirty Dozen. This stuff makes home-growing idiot proof, it’s also great for roses. I’ll be more specific as I record feedings.

That’s basically it. Simple, efficient and effective. My last grow (which was also my first) yielded over 2 1/2 dry ounces from two small plants and it was some of the finest MJ I’ve ever had. That’s a success in my book; I’m more interested in quality rather than quantity.

I hope you all stay with me to the end! :blush:


Smoking n watching others buds grow I’ll be here


I ordered the same ILGM High yield mix pack, saving them for next spring outdoor grow, Definetely watching this grow !!

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It’s a nice combo! Though I did have a hard time choosing between this and the fruit trio. Oh well, next season.

I love watching my babies grow… especially when I’m baked, I can do it all day. :dizzy_face:


Will there be a “Bud of the Month” in this Trio/ Dynamic Duo come Feb. ?!!

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Uhh… yeah, sure. :confused:

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Hi boys and girls!
So today our little seedlings are 8 days old and I’m giving them their very first feeding. I’m using FoxFarm’s feeding schedule that starts with a “seedling stage” for growing a strong and healthy root system. I should also note that for an indoor grow, I always use all nutrients at half strength. This is crucial if you don’t want nutrient burn! On the other hand, if you’re growing outdoors, then definitely go full strength. It’s something I learned from my teen years working on a farm… yeah, we grew weed along with the Jersey Beefsteak Tomatoes.

This begins week 1 of a 13 week grow.
Seedling Stage, Week 1 of 1
Friday, November 4, 2016
Day 8:
First weekly feeding at half strength.
To 1 gallon of water add:
Wholly Mackerel = 1.2 ml. (of 2.4 ml.)
Big Bloom = 1.2 ml. (of 2.4 ml.)

Using T5 and LED lights together.
T5 lamp on for 24hrs.
LED lamp on 18hrs, off 6hrs.
This makes for a stress free transition to LED-only lighting.

I should also mention that the second Chocolope seedling is not looking good. :cry:


Okay, I just have to say one thing…
Thank god I have my plants to distract me from this deplorable presidential election!!! :rage:

Thank you, I feel no better now.


Come one little guy! You can do it! Have you considered putting him in a humidity dome or a cup over him?

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Good idea! Thank you! :kissing_heart: