The cheesy bubble bucket. Im trying something new


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That’s what my stoner brain needs, a buddery cup of joe :+1: I’ll go make one myself and join ya, while I smoke more :grin: :v: :green_heart:


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Your little seedling looks just fine. She’s putting down roots instead of a leaf canopy and when that’s done it will take off. All of your parameters look good and you can start nutes as soon as the cotyledons (little round leaves) start to yellow. Be sure to discontinue any top feed when the roots reach your res.


Thanks @Myfriendis410, guess I needed that reassurance. I appreciate the information :v: :green_heart:


I’m doing RDWC for the first time myself. Here’s my journal if you are interested.


Thanks for the link :+1: I was planning to eventually go to RDWC if the bubble bucket thing works out. Already have by reservoir tub. I’ll be building my own of course :wink:


I agree that she could be putting down roots. Give her a few more days and hopefully she’ll take off like a rocket.


@GreenJewels hay she is looking good but the issue is the Rockwool looks really dry u need some kind or top drip system till the roots get into bucket and until the roots get into the water there won’t be a lot of growth on top all the energy is going to root they can feel the water below them but they need a little help so get top drip feed set up or water the roots on the outside edge to make them look for the water that’s y you don’t see top growth but with top drip u will get growth from both ends also u could fill the water 1” into the net pot and u will see the roots in a few days u don’t drop the 2” below net pot until the roots are in the water then u drop so u have a good strong air root to start


Great! Thanks @BigDaddyCain. I’m used to the fears of root rot and dampening off that I have with soil so I suppose I’m a lot overly cautious. I’ve just poured water around the outside edge of pebbles. I’ll raise my water level and keep her rockwool slightly damp by pouring around it. I really appreciate everyone’s help :v: :green_heart:


@GreenJewels def go rdwc way easier then single buckets I did what u are doing I did like 5 single buckets and they grew nice but I dreeded when water change came around so I was going to go back to dirt but then I did the rdwc and OMG it was way easier and right now they are on auto mode I go down every 3 days to ck water lvl and ph ppm and all that is threw my blue lab monitor cept for water lvl that I have to lift the lid for lol but changing water is literally a 10 min process and that includes adding the nuits and ph adjustments so if u need a good rdwc build diy I’ll hook you up with a list of everything u need. Oh ya and don’t add nuits will the 2-3 node mark and at start half str if u go full at start u will shock her and get nuit burns


@BigDaddyCain Thanks a bunch :grinning: I’ve been researching different builds.
I’m hoping to put up a floating wall in my basement with some spare paneling I have laying around. I’m a pack rat :grin: just waiting on garage sale season to find me a door. Then I’ll get busy building. So if this bubble bucket works, I’m going to do a side by side grow with 1 cheese in soil and one in a bucket. In my mind from what I’ve seen, the bucket should grow a larger better plant. I just wanna see…and I have some dirt still​:joy:. Once the rooms done, I’ll have a larger tent and more space. Then the RDWC build if all goes well. I will even be light proof enough for a photo :+1:


Lol have you seen my GG4 clone in a single DWC bucket? She’s enormous! But I agree the single bucket is a pain compared to my big setup. Here’s when I got her on the 28th of Dec.She had no roots out of the rockwool.

and here’s a month later


@DoobieNoobie I’ve got both your journals set to watching… which is what started my research into hydroponics :grin:
Your GG4 is enormous for sure! She’s a beauty.
I hope it goes well for me. I definitely want to give up the single bucket in the long run. And do RWDC or autopots. I am lucky enough to have water and a drain near my tent so lugging is minimal. That comes in handy with soil and hydro :+1:


I wish I was any help with hydro. Sorry!


That’s definitely a plus in hydro. I’ve got water fairly close but no drain. So I’m building the new setup with that in mind and will be adding a system for draining the original setup as well. There’s more work to setup hydro but once it’s going and you get a feel for the feeding it’s pretty simple.


@GreenJewels one of the biggest difference you will see from soil to hydro besides growth rate is soil will give a more dence bud but slower growth and hydro buds are alittle fluffy when dried properly also soil in my opinion has a harsher taste then hydro do to even with a flush soil still has some nuits in it where hydro when u flush it is plain ph water and you will get all the nuits out but that’s is the biggest difference I have seen I was a dirt grower for years lol


Good morning all :v::green_heart:
Looks like she’s growing. I’m waiting to see some roots coming out of the net pot yet. Water temp 63.5 pH is 5.8. well water distilled mix EC .15 Under the dome RH 70% temp 68.3


You need to cover your rockwool COMPLETELY with hydroton to keep it from being exposed to the light. Otherwise, looking good.


I didn’t know that, thanks for keeping an eye on my girl :v: @Grandaddy013