The Cheapest Way To Filter & Control Odor

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“im very green to growing and am beginning my endeavor, im looking to be as cost effetive and smell effective as can be with a 3.3"x3.3"x6.6’ indoor tent. Do you know where i can find the cheapest way to filter and control odor?”

IMO there is only one way to control the odor and provide for air circulation through the tent and that is with an inline fan and a filter. There really and shortcuts here. If you want to contain the smell you will need something like this!

The posted is just for reference and meant only to be an example.


I’m with @bob31
You’ll spend more $ trying dyi setups or cheaper filter that aren’t designed for the task
Spend the money correctly the first time you’ll be much happier and smell free

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Pick a different hobby :wink: Otherwise, listen to these guys.

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Yep they are unfortunately correct. Itried several ways and ended up paying for them and still had to be out the 100 bucks on a system . It will eventually smell half way to the street if your dont sorry


The most inexpensive way is to not give a sh!t and buy incense for when company is over :wink: