The CBD Harvest

Super Critical CBD strain. ~17% for both THC and CBD. I’ve been a CBD user for years. This lady will be the first CBD strain I’ve had the chance to smoke. I’ll chop in another day or 2 and am waiting for just a little more amber.

She’s pretty big (for me.) The tent is a 5x5 for size perspective. I’ll probably pull somewhere between 8 and 12 zips (dried) from her. Far more than I can smoke. I’ll be giving a lot away to family and friends.

I grew a Blue Mystic that I really liked 2 years ago. I’m going to dry in my tent for this grow on sweater hangers so I can control temp and humidity better. I think I’m going to drop another Blue Mystic bean after this harvest is dried.


Nice looking plant :+1:

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