The Case Of The Strawberry Orange Twins

Here is the up to date on the twins… dropped seed on 3/8/22 and the last pic is from today


and here is the high speed germination video in case anyone wanna check it out…part 2 still recording but its gonna be crazy :slight_smile:


They’re looking stellar :v:

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thanks @Graysin :slight_smile: those other 2 in soil is my first soil attempt but its also gonna be my first outdoor grow as well i just got em in the tent to strengthen them and get em on full nutes before they face the harshness of this environment, im also trying top hold off putting them out until i graduate them to their fabric pots


@lovenature welcome!, feel free to ask all the questions you want if i can help i will

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just a PSA …change out your slip covers on your carbon filters they need to be replace after every grow…do not sleep on it they will wreak havoc if left unchecked…this is only 6 months since i changed it and its jacked.

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I hope it’s not a murder mystery, but you had me at case. Ha.

Nice looking grow. I am jealous. The orange and lemon terps always get me infested with caterpillars. Strawberry orange sounds interesting.

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LOL me too, there is def an element of suspense and if they turn out to be dudes its def gonna end in murder!! :slight_smile: thanks for checkin out my grow :+1:

TY @nodurxshn I’ve got a million it seems !LOL

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LOL im not sure if i have a million answers but if i do i got you

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@SilvaBack203 …203 you in connecticut ?

@Syndrix did you change your profile photo? lol i thought you looked different , but how you doin brother?

I was just an s because I had not uploaded one, finally did upload one a couple of weeks ago,

We chilling this weekend having a great time,
How are you bro?

I’m out of likes now :joy::joy::joy:

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LOL im not likin enough …in like 2 years ive never run out of likes …then again i keep my circle small :stuck_out_tongue: , chillen myself bro woke up to some dbag jackin the cat converter from my new suv …ohh man i have sooo many evil thoughts i actually pray i dont find the thief…im bout to just burn some proper and let it phase off …anyways bro how the heck you doin …i been afk for a minute just been sick and dealin with devil time.

What suv did you have shipped out of atl? That’s where I grew up.

Yeah I’m not much of a people person so I keep my circle small as well, freaking @SilvaBack203 is so popular everytime I end up on that journal I run out :joy::joy:

I couldn’t imagine what I would do if someone cut anything off my car…

I’m lucky though, garage kept lol, just using your story makes me want to get more and upgrade my outdoor cameras lol

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lol this situation has me wanting to manufactuer a device that send s a signal to your cell to alert you when some junkie fingerin ya catalytic converter …prob make a million its an epidemic …i got my 2017 huyandai tucson shipped out here to vegas from atlanta where it been in auto storage for like 2 yrs …lol it been here not 5 days and some scumlord jacked the cat. like i said im not a violent person and i dont participate in anger but im feeling a type of way that i hope i dont ever find out who did me like this its gonna cost me $2,200 just for parts to fix this and this freakin pos is prob only gonna get $50 for my cat …these junkies need to learn the older cats are where the money is not my 2017 …freakin scumbag garbage people …reality is im not as mad personally im freakin upset because my wife is busted from this she dont bounce like i do she cant recover like i can …it hurts me that shes feelin this way and thats why im feelin violent

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Yeah I feel you man, anti violence myself, but when someone messes with something you’ve worked hard for and it’s an important part of your life, it can be really difficult. Especially if it has a negative impact on your wife.

I wish people just wouldn’t be so self centered, they take things but they don’t think about how that thing they took actually impacts who they took it from.

This site has been great for meeting some really cool down to earth people though, which has been great

Yeah the older cats have the older metal and worth more, once again people not even thinking or carrying

Sucks your having to deal with this, your auto or home insurance may be able to help, might not be worth the claim though depending if it impacts your rates

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i was livin in Woodstock, GA bout 25 mins from ATL , its funny coming from WA i know that i dont say i live in covington i know to say i live in seattle …everyone know seattle …same with atlanta :slight_smile:

I lived in Woodstock Georgia, and the Canton area for about 7 years, great area being outside 285, really easy to get to other states as well.

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heck yah i really wanted to relocate to canton great area with the college kid funds, i ended up with a job offer in eden , NC so i took it and when pandemic hit the 66 unit elderly facilty i was working live in maintenance for let me go , i was trying to get to oregon but landed her in las vegas …im gonna say this is the worst class of people ive ever encountered in my life …vegas people off the strip are pretty much in 3 classifications 1: homeless(because of gambling or substance abuse either way they will take everything you got) 2: thieves (they will take everything you got) and finally 3: prostitutes (they will take everything you got) …i need to get out of here its just not good for my wife