The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


Chapter Two: Like the Rains Down in Africa

Day 8 from germination

“Gonna take some time to do the things,” I say to myself, as I begin prepping 16 oz of pH 6.2 r/o water for my 6 seedlings.

“Hurry girl, we’re waiting here for you!” I hear them sing.

“Ahhh! It’s gonna take some time!” I quaver back, rushing even faster, to make them happy.

“C’mon, girl! Water us!”

“Alright, alright! You all do know there’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do to take me away from you, right? You’re going to get your water.”

After many fraught seconds, I finally give them 3-4 tbsp each.

The girls sing out in glee, “Bless the rains down in Africa…”

This case just keeps getting weirder & weirder.


Exactly! Lol!


Poor fast berry is so tiny.


I see great things in fast Berry’s future.


LOL girl I finally had the chance to sit down and read your post that goes with the song. Next time I think we need a video or an audible version of you singing this to your girls!


Exhibit E

The Mutie-Beauties
3 day difference


Is that Igor on the left ? :+1::grin:


They are lookin good.


Wow, that double cot is just bizarre, it has three leaves.


Wonder if it’ll keep putting out triple nodes? I won’t complain if it does, that’s for sure.


That would be cool if it does.


I think you should name the mutant Quattro in honor of her 4 cotyledons.


Since she’s a Blue Dream…if I were to name her, it’d be something like “Deja vu”.


That’s perfect!


Chapter Two (continued)

I warned the plants that if I heard them singing that song again, I wouldn’t be calibrating the pH pen for the duration of their severely shortened lives.

Needless to say, during today’s watering, no cheesy 80’s pop. I think Daquiri Lime tried to drop some “Blame It On the Rain”, but I didn’t see her lips move, so I’m not sure.

I prepped 2 cups r/o water pH’d to 6.2 & gave each 3 tbsp.

The internet isn’t working well for uploading pics, at the moment. Stay tuned.


Fyi I found H2O Sync pH Electrode Storage Solution 8 oz / 237 mL for use with pH Probes and ORP Probes to Extend Life

And ever since I’ve been storing my ph meter in it my calibration has been dead on


Exhibit F

Fastberry & Blue Dream:

There’s a spot or two on the Blue Dream. No feeding. Only r/o water. Haven’t misted the plants, only the dome. What do you guys think?

Fastberry lives…but at what cost?


You could add 1 - 2ml of cal-mag to 1 gal of RO water to put a few ppms back into it.
So many mutations in one tent! Those leaf mutations will go away in a node or two. If that turns into a triple node, that will be very cool!


Plan on doing that starting this week.


Also, once the seedling stage is over, I plan on going with 50/50 well/ro water. Plain ro water doesn’t seem to do well with Promix and Earth Juice, at least from my experience.