The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


Last grow, I’m pretty sure I light burned a few seedlings, so I’m kind of obsessively worried about burning them, now.


I don’t think you did this time. I will go look for that other one. It was interesting for sure.


On the other side, mattybear said not to worry, as long as they’re growing.


Yeah the one I saw everyone said it’ll either grow or die. It grew just fine and the next leaves were perfectly normal. So I’m betting the same will be true of yours.


“…Or die.” See, I always end up with that.


Lol it was worse than yours. The entire first leaves looked albino white. Everyone was a bit surprised it could even photosynthesize light I think.


This cannot keep happening:



:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: ok that’s funny.


Ok no hard feelings. Ur right I was being a dick


Chapter One (continued):

Day 3 from germination. All is looking well. There doesn’t seem to be any farther light burn. Blue Dream does seem to have double cots?

I haven’t changed anything about the grow environment or misting schedule since Friday.

I have been trying to upload photos for a while now. I’ll keep trying.


Double cots? Pics pls??


Yes pics. I want to see what you see lol.



Blue Dream w/her double cots & Bloody Skunk

Clockwise from top left: Fastberry, Blue Cheese, Daquiri Lime, & Green Crack


That’s awesome! I wonder if she will grow faster with the extra food available?


I’d be very happy with that. Blue Dream is definitely one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked!

PB cups 1/3 of the way done! They’re going to be killer.


I just made a mess in my shorts. Those seedlings r amazing


I’m drying my first crop and I’m wondering about my fear of overdrying… Is that a rational thing to be concerned with?


You can always bring them back up some. I’ve seen people use fruit peels, a few drops of water, boveda packs. I’m sure there’s more ways but that’s what I’ve read. I doubt you will overdue it to a point they’re ruined without severe neglect. So don’t fret to much over it.


Yes. A very rational fear! Over-dried weed tastes like hay, plus it burns really harsh & fast. It literally cannot be cured.


Maybe worry about it, but don’t lose sleep over it. :grinning: