The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


They’re looking pretty ok, aren’t they?

If the baby Blue Dream & baby Bloody Skunk keep growing strong, they’re getting LST, too.


Pack’in the pipe now!!!


Chapter Six

No update. A new chapter started Friday, so welcome to Chapter Six.


Exhibit H

2 days’ difference:

Blurple girls:

Tomorrow is a watering day.


Chapter Six (continued)
Day 39

The Gang decided to go get soaked, today. This case has been tough on us all, so I completely understand. I just hope those lushes don’t get too tanked.

Monday Morning Can Eff Off Cocktail:

6 gallons well water
6 tsp Demeter’s Destiny
6 tsp Microblast
1 tbsp Recharge
Ph’d to 6.4

BC/GC/DL recieved 18 cups each
BS#1 & BD#1 recieved 12 cups each
FB recieved 6 cups
BS#2 & BD#2 recieved 4 cups each

Was just going to do Recharge & Demeter, but GC is showing Magnesium deficiencies, so thought they’d all probably benefit from this cocktail.

Avg run-off was between 6.5-6.7. Next feed/water, I will try to lower that a point or two.

I removed the tie-downs on DL & GC. I want to see what they do for a day. Depending on their behavior, bondage might be reinstated for another week. I also turned GC to the left.

Thinking about starting transition nutes next feed, which will be day 42. Not for everyone, but maybe for Blue Cheese & Bloody Skunk #1.


They’re looking good.


That Blue Cheese under QB looks so different from last grow’s Blurple Blue Cheese. I actually raised the lights by 2 inches, just now; I had let the plants grow up to within 24". I don’t think they liked it.


Beautiful sight there.


Hey, @SmoknGranny, glad you stopped by!

@DoobieNoobie Thanks! Looking way better than I thought they ever would.


I’m just a lurking in the background :blush:


Looking good Betty! I have hope for mine that are 10-days behind yours.


Chapter Six (continued)
Day 40

After less than 12 hours of freedom, Daquiri Lime begged for another week of bondage. Very impressed with her.

Green Crack is a crazy bush that I think I’ll just let be.

Prepped Transition nutes for the oldest plants & Grow nutes for the rest. After 2 days of bubbling, everyone will get a nice meal. Will post details on feed day.

Look at these bushes-to-be!

After bubbling, I’ll dilute these with tap water to get 1 gallon of Grow nutes (half gallon jug) & 5 gallons of Transition nutes (1 gallon pitcher). So far, this method has worked extremely well for dealing with pH.


Btw, grow-off girl is making me very happy.

Day 10


Damn. I am having hell with seeds and seedlings both right now. I’m thinking of tossing them all and starting over.
And my vape liquid attempt tastes like caca



There’s a really good thread somewhere around here. Maybe @AnneBonny’s?

Do you have any seeds left to start over with? I have one left & will gladly priority mail it to you.


I’ve got more. Just had some gifted some more autos and have 1 j berry left.


Hope you stick with a Jberry.


Yeah I’m not sure what my issue is. They all look rough so it’s something I did and not strain specific. I’ll probably drop another J berry and maybe take 4 clones off the big clone GG4. She’s plenty big enough to give me 4 for my room.


Hi Betty. What is the therory behind bubbling your nutes before feeding?


For Earth Juice, it helps the microbe colonies & jumpstarts the whole food chain for that batch. It also raises the pH of the Earth Juice from approx 4.4 to 6.6. After I add Demeter’s, the pH is 6.4.

It’s really more like tea than a regular nute solution.