The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


Getting antsy. I might drop these babies tonight. Stay tuned.



Everything has a beginning, so let’s start at the beginning.

I should first explain that I have 2 seperate tents, but they are connected by 2 vent holes, allowing both tents to run on one 382cfm adjustable speed fan & 420 cfm filter. Tent A has blurple lights & the ventilation system, and is currently housing a plant which will be harvested next Friday. Tent B has a quantum board & passive intake vents.

First, I sanitized Tent B. Then, I installed dark-out/thermal panels across the shared vents holes to prevent light leaks during my other grow’s dark period. Tent B will start with a small clip-fan at the top as its exhaust; in 2-3 weeks, I’ll remove the vent panels, close up the top vent, and start using the main exhaust system.

Next, I set-up my heated & domed germination station. Then, I took 6 4oz cups, labeled them for each seed, popped the seeds in their proper cups, & filled them halfway with r/o water. I then put a drop of h2o2 in each cup, put a lid on each, and shook them gently. The cups were then placed inside the heated germination station. They will stay there, IN THE DARK, til tomorrow morning (approximately 16 hours).

What will happen in the morning, you ask? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.


Hey, gang! The seeds have been moved from their water baths to rapid rooters!

I soaked the rooters in 1 pint of r/o water w/ 1.25ml Piranha, a pinhead drop’s worth of catalyst, and a soupçon of love for about a half an hour.

To my delight, when I opened each cup, all but the Daquiri Lime were sporting tails!

The rooter transplant went w/o a hitch, and the babies are tucked into their heated, domed germination station for a 24 hour nap. Tomorrow, their sun will shine for the first time.

When will they show their faces to the world? Will they all make it? Will I ever get fried chicken?! Stay tuned to get ever deeper entrenched into this quickly developing mystery.


I love how you’re writing this journal.


Guys i need your help what you think this brown marks on the leaves could be?
Sorry for my english


Ppm burn? Check runoff pH and ppm


Maybe magnesium or potassium deficiency. It could be a lot of things, depending on your pH, ppms, nute line, environment, etc.


Prologue (continued)

The night gave way to morning. A beautiful 110 watt sun is now shining 30" from the tops of the rooters. This sun will shine morning, noon, and night for a week. Inexplicable, I know, yet here we are.

Edit: the temp inside the dome reached 84F, so I turned off the mat. Temp now at 77F. I’ll turn on the mat for overnight, when the other tent is dark & temps drop about 10 degrees.

Humidity staying between 77%-85%. I spritzed the dome & tray once, and I will spray thoroughly, again, when I turn on the heat mat.


Exhibit A
All are cracked & growing nice roots, even Daquiri Lime. I actually tucked Blue Cheese back down to give her seed husk time to soften/open more. Same with Fastberry.

I didn’t just shove them into the hole or anything. :grinning: I pulled apart the rooter like you’d finger-break a blunt, then using tweezers, I moved the baby downwards a bit.

Very happy with this germination. If this case takes a dive, definitely can’t blame slow starts.


@puffer1958 Here are my new babies.


Oh they are up and going now! I love babies.


I’ve gotta go get the Promix out of my truck so it can thaw. Will take at least 3 or 4 days.


I place mine in the rooter plugs the same way. I am so excited about this grow. My first auto and as far as I know I have never even tasted an auto so at my age and having been a pretty heavy smoker for 40+ years I find that firsts are getting harder to come by. I do love trying new cannabis products.


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I don’t get offended easily, but your comment, of all the comments in the world, offends me. Silly, I know, but I just don’t find it funny when people ignore proven scientific facts.

I flagged your comment as off topic, then you came back & doubled down on it. I know you were probably only trying to be flip & funny, but when it comes to climate change & environmentalism…there’s no room for jokes.

Sorry…I just can’t let your comment sit there without saying something. :grinning:


@basementstealth all’s good, btw. Just letting you know how I feel. 48


Chapter One: Burned Already?

It’s officially Day 1 of this grow. Everybody is above the top of their rooter, seed husks have been shed, and cotyledons are spreading under the “sun”.

Looking back, I was foolish, thinking this case would go without a hitch. Already, I think Daquiri Lime & Green Crack are showing light burn?! Super sleuths, tell me what you see:

The lights HAD been on 24/0 at 110watts, 30" from the tops of the rooters. I JUST moved the lights up to 36" & changed the cycle to 20/4. They’re my sole shot at both strains, so I need them to grow for me.

Temps are between 77-82F. Humidity between 45%-90%, depending on last dome misting; I partially opened 2 of the dome’s side vents. I turned off the heatmat & temp seems to be settling at 77F.

Gang…help a sister-sleuth out: light burn, already?


A 110w light at 30” doesn’t to me sound like a scenario that would cause light burn, which would lead me to think something else.


Well…any ideas what?


I saw a plant recently that had pure white looking first leaves. It grew out of it quickly. But no one ever knew why it happened. I can’t remember where I saw it though. Here or maybe even a old thread on the lab side.