The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


Puff puff puff


Puff puff, good job on the birth assist. Woohoo, new baby pot


What are you toking, today?


Just joined but blueberry


Yum! I tried growing one last fall, but my blackthumb was in full force. I harvested, but it was shite.


I grew the auto and got 4oz good smoke


Great haul!



Just realized I shared a misspelled meme. Luckily, you all are probably too high to notice.


Lol it’s still funny misspelled word or not.


Chapter Five (continued)
Days 33/11/4

No pussyfooting around. Let’s just get down to brass tacks. I started out with 6 plants, and now I have 10. Tent limit is really 8. Math has never been my strong suit.

Everyone is doing well, all things considered. The oldest are all showing pistils!

BS #1 & BD #1 are in the blurple tent. They’re recovering from their high stress training, just fine. They’ll probably be small plants, but they’re kinda spares, at this point. Just some extra weed. They’re under the 260w draw light, which is at 28"; light will be lowered slowly.

Gold Rush is going, but she’s small.
Grow-off seedling is very, very happy. They’re under a 130w draw, at 30". They’re also getting a bit of that 260 light. Keeping a very close eye.


I had a minor accident with the baby Blue Dream, so decided to transplant both babies a few days earlier than I had planned. One of the hazards of topless gardening: 2 pendulums of doom.

Green Crack & Daquiri Lime are responding extremely well to the LST. I have been adjusting the tie-downs about 2x a day.

Fastberry has graduated to her final home, a 2 gallon smart pot.

QB, 185w at 26":

Monday, I foliar fed all but the 4 babies with Nirvana & Microblast, then watered the oldest plants with well water, recharge, and Demeter’s Destiny pH’d to 6.4.

I started their food bubbling tonight. It will be ready for Thursday afternoon. They’re still getting veg nutes for another couple weeks.


Oh you crack me up :joy:
They’re looking good. I love your thouroughness about light height and such in your journal entry, it helps me learn for sure​:+1: I’m eyeing that homemade auto pot I’m still in my figuring exactly what I want to do bit a little dabble into hydro of some sort. I can’t wait to try some cheese. I have cheese auto not blue cheese, still I’m watching your blue cheese. :v:


All cheese is good cheese, if you ask me. :grinning:

Let’s hope my diy autopot works. Definitely wouldn’t mind getting some bigger yields. I don’t choose strains based on yield, so anything that can increase yields is going in my bag of tricks.


Any Star Trek geeks, here? I’ve come up with a great strain name: Ketracel Green. Eventually, I’ll create a strain or 2.


I’ve heard you say in the past that you like all cheese. Then they were on sale and I liked the description. Effects of relaxing, stress relief and giggles. You used soil in your homemade autopot right?


I used a mix of promix, coco, and perlite. In the past, for tomatoes/peppers/carrots/onions, I’ve used self-watering containers with soil.


I have an update. I just have to write it up. Stay tuned.

Chapter Five (continued)
Day 35

Fed the 8 oldest girls today.

I bubbled 1 gallon well water with:
3 tbsp grow
1 tbsp catalyst
1 tbsp meta k
1.5 tsp bloom
1.5 tsp microblast

After bubbling for 42 hours, I mixed the solution with 2 gallons of well water & 1 tbsp of Demeter’s. The freaking pH was naturally 6.4! They got between 2-10 cups each, depending on pot/plant size NEXT WATERING WILL BE TO RUN-OFF.

Group Qb:

Check out this lst progression:

Blurple Girls (sorry about the light):


Wow girl I can’t believe how big your plants are getting. They all look good!


Thanks! Surprised, myself, after the early issues.


I know but they look really good for you having some issues starting out. They all look nice and green and healthy!


Wow, what a difference 6 days make. They are looking good Daiquiri lime and green crack are bushing out. They are liking that LST
Happy growing and good morning​:v::green_heart: