The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


Glad to hear that. It looked kind of weird just popped right out of the seed like that.


2x 288pc Samsung LM301B LED Grow light in 3000K spectrum. Kit includes boards, Meanwell HLG-240H-54A driver, costing handcrafted heatsink, 6-ft 3 prong cord, and hanging hooks.

what do you think i can get this for 215$ shipping is 20 bucks may be free if i do a little more shopping

DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow

That’s a steal!


Is it something online or something local? Definitely a bargain.


Chapter Four (continued)

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PH testing Earth Juice nutes, from mixing, to post-bubbling, to feed.

Test results:
1.Mixing: 4.4
2.After 42 hours bubbling: 6.6
3.After adding Demeter: 5.5
4.After adding 1 gallon well
water: 6.3-6.4

Specimen: Initial solution of 1 gallon well water, 1.5 tbsp Grow, 1.5 tsp Catalyst, 1.5 tsp Meta K, 3/4 tsp Microblast, and 1.5 tsp Bloom. Final solution includes 2 tsp Demeter’s Destiny & 1 gallon well water

Procedure: Initial solution bubbled for 42 hours using a 3w aquarium pump & a big pored air stone

Sample Tested using freshly calibrated meter : Apera phb-3 pH

Administered 8 cups each to GC, DL, and BC; 5 cups each to BD#1 & BS#1; ½ cup to Fastberry. No run-off, this time. Next watering, the subjects will get drenched til they give me at least enough run off to test. Today is day 28.


(btw…almost had a heart attack this morning when I opened the tent. I had momentarily forgotten about starting lst on Green Crack & Daquiri Lime, so I thought they had both keeled over during the night)


Chapter Four (continued)

Since Bloody Skunk #1 & Blue Dream #1 are both iffy, I decided in for a penny, in for a pound.

I fimmed BD #1 & supercropped BS #1. I figured, wtf, might as well.

Not the best pic. Will get better pics tomorrow.


Chapter Five
Day 29


I’m jealous of all the babies. I need to check on mine. Should all be in cubes tonight.


I guess tomorrow, I’ll transplant Fastberry into a 2 gallon smart pot.


So, how’s the baby?


Well she is up out of the cube and green. And one other has a taproot. The other two northern lights have made no appearance. So I may have to go to an alternate after all. The J berry is ready for a cube as well. She’s taking off.


Well, that’s great the weirdo is doing well, but not so great that 2 haven’t popped yet. It could take up to 2 weeks, but I doubt you want to press your luck that long.

I think my Jberry will be ready for her final home by Monday. She’s popped, but still has her seed husk.


Yeah sadly I need all 4 at the same age. So if they don’t crack by tomorrow I’ll move on to something else and maybe try to find somewhere for the 2 that are. The crazy one is already an inch tall so I don’t want to scrap it. I think it’s a fighter.


Hey, potheads! Let’s get high & have fun! C’mon!


I just took a hefty dose of concentrate in my afternoon coffee and am standing by for high and fun!


Gotta finish adjusting this pH, then I’ll light up!


I’m just sitting down to load my pipe, ready when you are :v::slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands:


Bubble butt!


Sure thing

I do love my bubble butt :rofl:


Just had to assist in a birth. Gold Rush already had a taproot popping out the bottom of her rooter, but her husk had barely cracked open. I thought I popped off her whole head, but nope…the seed just burst off violently under the pressure of my tweezers. The baby looks good for an er birthed newborn.