The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


Lol that’s always a plus. I desperately need to get my room expansion done. But it’s cold and it’s making my back hurt like hell.


That’s why my blurple tent isn’t cleaned & ready for the grow-off, yet. Tomorrow, I guess. Lol!

Do you have to put up walls & such for your expansion? I know you’re trying to leave your other hobbies some space, right?

Pot is all-encompassing. My hobbies are growing weed, smoking weed, and eating food b/c of weed. Anything outside of that is sheer drudgery.


Hahah yeah I’m adding 2 walls. 8’ long and 6’ long plus a door frame. I will be able to add another section later but this one adds to the existing so I’ll have my 5x4 grow area and a 4x8 area plus some room for other stuff like clones or germinating seeds and storage. But I’ll only be able to light a small portion of that. For now at least. I might do the unthinkable and part with some of my harvest to get more lights.

I should say these are temporary walls so if I want to change it later it’ll be slightly easier to do. But no drywall. Just heavy duty tarp on the outside towards the garage and probably panda film on the inside. The air gap between the two should provide all the insulation from cold. I’ll need AC in summer though for sure now lol.


Where I see myself in 10 years:

But with weed.


Hahahah I can’t even tell if that’s real or satire but it’s frigging hilarious!


I’ve watched it 3 times.


Looking at my last grow, I’m reminded just how much I’ve really botched this current grow.

Wondering if I should drop a replacement Blue Cheese. Hmmmmm…


Nah if my little RP plants could come back from the brink of death and look like complete garbage and still give me double or more than what I expected you’ll be fine. They’re tough plants.


Chapter Four (continued)

I do believe Queen Eleanor would approve of my treatment of Daquiri Lime & Green Crack, though she might punish ME for being too gentle with them.

I don’t like the petal pick-up!

Both of these girls started showing pistils yesterday, day 26.

The rest of the gang is gimping along, gamely! Tomorrow is a feed day.

The ones everyone voted for? See the red "X"s? Yeah, I pretty much killed them from the start. Putting them in the garbage after I post this. Let’s not talk about them ever again.

Blue Dream #2 & Bloody Skunk #2:

The blurple tent is all ready to go for the Grow-off, Blue Dream & Bloody Skunk #1, Gold Rush, and the Landrace Sativa! Pics later. I don’t expect BD#1 or BS#1 to do too much, so I feel comfortable loading up the blurple tent with a couple stunted plants and 3 good plants.


Here’s my grow-off entry, if any of you potheads are interested:


Hey have you ever had a seed pop and the insides fall out in the cup? One of my northern lights just had that happen. I’m not sure it’ll survive. But no extra NL seeds. I guess worst case I’ll scrap all 4 and drop something else. I’m sure I know a guy that can’t say no to more plants growing lol. @haildamaged I mean you lol.


@DoobieNoobie You mean the cots & stuff fell off? Pic?


No I mean the whole little plant fell out lol. Hold on. I tried to cover it in paper towel as fast as possible for fear of light hurting it. Let me unwrap it and take a pic.


Ahhhhh…I’m thinking if the seed membrane at least kept it all together & seed like, that you should be able to germ it. Just get it in rockwool or a rooter asap.


Here it is.

I’m not even sure which it came out of lol


So put it in a cube?

Edit. I fixed up a rockwool cube and got it moved very carefully. So I guess we will see in a day or two.


You might be surprised. That baby could even green-up overnight.


I’m not gonna worry too much. If it makes it great. If not I’ll try something else. I worried myself crazy over the RP last time. Not going to get that worked up again. Especially before they’ve even popped. I’m supposed to be lowering my stress levels by growing not raising it lol.

Although I’ll laugh if that’s my best one of the four in the end lol.


Yup it did happen to me it here just fine


Mine did exactly that