The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


I wonder if what I’m using for ph down is why mine is so stable? This new single bucket will be the test if that’s the case or not.

Also when you use trim for edibles do you dry it or use it fresh? And how much weight wise do you use? Or do you just cram all you can get covered by your liquid?


You can use fresh, no problem, but the taste will be affected.

For trim, I do weigh it, but only so I know how much I used. Last trim budder was 4oz trim, about 3/4 of it was dry & the rest wet. Mixed it with ½ cup ghee & about a quart of h20. Got 30 candies.


Ok I put mine in a brown paper bag to dry a bit so that’s good. I’ll probably just add the next plant to the same bag and see how much I end up with after it dries. I’m hoping I’ll have enough between the two little plants to try a test batch out.


(I think this is correct)

Exhibit F?

Once upon a time, in a galaxy either distant or close, depending on your perspective, there was a planet. There was nothing inherently special about this planet, as far as planets go, but nevertheless, this story takes place on said planet.

On this planet lives a woman. Like the planet she lives on, there is nothing inherently special about this woman, as far as women go, nevertheless, here you are reading her inherently unremarkable grow journal about her inherently unremarkable grow.

After a nice watering of 1.5 gallons well water (approx 4 cups each plant) with 1 tsp of Demeter, pH’d to 6.4:

There’s a baby Blue Dream and a baby Bloody Skunk in the germination station; will be transplanting them into peat pots today.



Lol that’s quite the tongue twister of an intro for the post. The babies are still kicking so that’s always a plus lol.


They ate’nt dead…yet.


Exhibit F-2


Chapter Four (continued)

Let me get a roll call!

Fastberry? “Still here, biznitch. Whatchu gonna do about it?”

Blue Cheese? “Nice try, lady, but if you want me dead you’re gonna have to try harder.”
Oh, really, Blue Cheese? Is that a challenge? I’m about ready to kick your sorry butt to the curb.

Blue Dream #1? “Don’t look at me. I’m barely holding my shit together.”

Blue Dream #2? “Yes, ma’am! Reporting for duty, ma’am! Love the peat pot, ma’am! Can’t wait to get out of seedling stage, ma’am!”
Whoa, cool your tits, there, Private Kissass.

Bloody Skunk #1?:fu:

Alrighty, then, Bloody Skunk #2?:sunglasses::+1::metal::ok_hand:…cool peat pot, man, really digging this whole seedling stage. I really tie the room together.”

Daquiri Lime? "Hey, boo, how you doin’?

Green Crack? “Yo!”

Swiss Cheese? “Wtf did you do to me? I told you I was too hot & the light was too bright. I’m still here, but don’t get used to it.”

Jack Herer? Jackie? Yo, Jack?!
“… yessssssss, huuuuummmmmmmaaaaaannn? are you here to break my stalk, again? are you here to put me out of my missssssssssssssery?” No, b/c I have great hope for you, even though I’m pretty sure you broke deliberately & entirely w/o my assistance that one night. Why, buddy? Why’d you do that? “Why? Why?! You knew you needed to put me in a peat pot, needed to bury my stem b/c I was growing fast. But did you? No. Instead, you smoked pot. So, eff you, bish.”

And eff you too, mofo. Your ugly butt has a week left to show me what you can do.

Gold Rush Semi-auto?

Oh, that’s right, you were just dropped today! You keep watch over that Super Secret Mystery seed that was dropped at the same time. (This will be the last mention of the Super Secret Mystery seed here. See the grow-off for more info.)


Lol I love it. :grin::rofl::joy:


Do you see how these mofos talk to me?


You can threaten a beat down if they keep it up. :rofl:


Already nearly killed them. You’d think that’d be enough to scare them into line.


Lol don’t worry they’ll be big enough to get the bondage gear out before much longer lol. You can whip them into shape then… or tie them down. Whatever lol.


Funny, I was just thinking about some light bondage.


Ah see there. They’ll be squealing in pain soon enough for their insolence. Lol


Thinking about this for my next “scrog”:images%20(28)


Hahahah omg :rofl:


That oughtta hold em down, no problem.


Lol they may need extra help to hold them still. They’ll be wriggling like a worm in that. :smiling_imp:

:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent: lol


Btw, I popped my head into my tent about an hour ago, and for the first time in over a week, I didn’t think about torching the whole thing. Yay!