The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


Oh, absolutely do it! I wasn’t knocking it. :grinning:


Lol it would definitely need to be a small batch though so no machine for that. Don’t want to have a mixup and end up with the whole family passed out… or do i… lol


That’s what I thought you meant to begin with, to be honest. Lol!


Hahahaha funny


Chapter Four

Day 22 from Germination

This post will probably morph & change as I write it. A lot has happened since last week.

I’ll start by posting a pic, then I’ll go back & edit-in the novella of an update I have for you.

-160w @ 30" since this am
-Today, transplanted into a mix of 20% Happy Frog, 10% Perlite, and 70% Promix Bx, w/ 1 tsp Recharge per pot
-Watered in with approx 1.5 cups each of the following solution: 1.5 gals well water, 1 tsp Recharge, 1.5 tsp Demeter, and ¾ tsp Catalyst pH’d to 6.4
-Temps day/night 79-81/70
-Rh day/night 55%/65%


Curious about your soil mix. Why sprinkle in some happy frog and perlite as opposed to straight pro mix?

I hope you are well.


It’s something new I’m trying to help mitigate the inherent issues that occur when using Earth Juice in Promix. I’m hoping that by adding some organic soil (that’s not too hot), the Earth Juice will have a better buffer for its natural pH swing.


Is that little fan in there an oscillating fan? Once of my fans that’s only been used for 2 months or less is already freezing up. A good whack gets it moving again but I need to replace it asap. And not gonna buy the same one over again.


Yep . It’s a little 6 or 8 incher.


It’s a really stable & sturdy little thing.


Cool I’m gonna go hunt it down on Amazon. And I’ll change my review of the fan I bought. Maybe they’ll replace it since it’s not that old.


It’s a Holmes fan from Amazon .


Thanks! :grin:

This it?


That’s it!


Woohoo I’ll drop two in the cart. I got a few things I need to order anyways.


Chapter Four (continued)


7.3 hmmm. The EC seems fine (368ppm), right?

What are you going to do with this information?


I’m going to keep it as a reference point for how my medium started out.


The ec is fine. Start with ec, and those conversion factors are unnecessary. :grinning:

The pH is how it was out of the bags. I now know the base point for starting my feed/watering levels.

Also, as the medium is watered, the lime in the products should start doing its thing. Plus, the Earth Juice nutes swing quite a bit, though they are really acidic.

Watered in the girls with a pH 6.4 solution. Next watering, I’ll do the same. I might give a really deep watering, to try to get a bit of run-off; the peat pots will protect their auto-roots from the deluge, just fine.

I need to keep my ph in check. No matter what I do, that seems to be the issue. This combo of Earth Juice & Promix is known to cause pH issues. Hence all the weirdness.

Next grow season, I need to decide if I want to stick with Promix or Earth Juice, then go from there. Too much $$ sunk into both to just toss one away, now.


If this megacrop sample I’ll be using in the grow-off works well, I might be willing to switch to them.