The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


LOL okay I will


@dbrn32 Hey, electrolight-man Santa:

The center of my tent reads 11k lumens on my phone app, while the corners read 6k. Think it’d be safe to put freshly popped seedlings in the corner of the tent or should I put them in a different tent, under blurples? Once they’re officially germed, they’ll be about 18 days behind the older seedlings in the center of the tent. Light is 135w @ 34".


I think it would be plenty safe in corner, and wouldn’t even be surprised if after they sprouted wanted to be moved closer to the middle.


That makes everything so much easier! Thank you!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Thank you, I hope you and wifey have a great Christmas too!



Merry Christmas to you and your wife.

From Doobiecorn


Awwwwww! Thanks, doob! Unicorn wishes & happy holidays to you & your wife, too!


Hey, gang, just a heads up: not feeling it, lately.

Grow is going. I’ll update if I feel like it. Shrug.


Well I hope your feeling it again soon :v:.


I know I was going to update this side tonight but my phones running so dang slow I’m not even going to bother with it.


@blackthumbbetty I feel you. Been out of commission for a few days. Finally feeling a little better today. Hang in there!! Plenty of fluids.


I’ve been in a funk for a couple weeks now. Everytime I think I’m out of it something happens to throw me right back in. Just don’t disappear on me. We’re all allowed to have our bad days, or weeks lol.



I was kind of off the deep end earlier. Well, not kind of…I was freaking drowning in my own brain juices. I’m getting ready to smoke for the first time in just about 24 hours. I didn’t even have edibles.


Well that deserves another smoke now! I can’t smoke but I can eat one of the last butter pieces I have lol.

On a side note i opened my magic butter machine and played with it a little. Its pretty cool I can’t wait until I can make something with it.


Are you enjoying the budder?

What’s the first thing you’re gonna try in your machine?


I’m actually going to try a vape liquid with vegetable glycerin. Since I already vape for nicotine it would be handy to use that in public. Plus I’ve got a couple friends that want to try it. I’ll use trim for that since I can mask the flavor if I need to. Then I’ll be trying either butter or coconut oil. I wonder if you can do olive oil with it? That would need to be a smaller batch though.


And I’m feeling pretty darn good lol. 1 whole butter lasts me about 6 hours of feeling awesome. A half is perfect for out and about use. I’m definitely impressed with how well it works for pain once you get the right amount.


You can use olive oil, but it’s not the most effective solvent for cannabis.


Ah I was just thinking it could be fun for Italian dishes. I love to cook. I made home made teriyaki sauce and grilled chicken for tonight. Just about dinner time. :grin: And yes it’s a early dinner but with small children it’s easier to get them to bed on time this way lol.