The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


They hardly have weed 1grahm =5 years I’ll clean my own


This is just the beginning, too.


My freshman roommate was Japanese. After I took her home for Thanksgiving, she started calling me, “Ganja Girl”.


But they do have nice restrooms :poop:


I’ve never been to Japan, but now I want to go to see their bathrooms.


Been trying to talk the wife into buying one of those seats. It’d go well with the Squatty Potty we have.


Looks like a tie!

  • 40%Jack Herer photo fem

  • 40%Northern Lights Auto

  • 20%Swiss Cheese Auto

  • 0%A 2nd Blue Dream’atic


10total votes


Next door had this to say:

Swiss Cheese for the win!

  • 38%Swiss Cheese Auto
  • 30%Jack Herer photo fem
  • 30%Northern Lights Auto
  • 0%A 2nd Blue Dream’atic


13total votes


So, one more vote.

I took the liberty of picking one from this side:
Final Vote

  • Swiss Cheese auto
  • Jack Herer photo fem

0 voters


Oh sure Now I find it…LMAO


I think if I applied proper statistical analysis, the tie for All Around first is actually NL vs JH.

Yeah…I want Swiss Cheese in there.


Also…I’m probably going to drop both SC & JH.


No love for the Swiss Cheese?

Crazy! Next door, there were 4 votes, exactly the opposite of this one! Lol!

So, I am definitely dropping both a Swiss Cheese auto AND a Jack Herer photo fem. In a few minutes, they’ll be going into their r/o and h2o2 filled cups, then set in a warm, dark place til tomorrow.


I can’t think of what any cheese strain could smell like. Cheese can range from good to downright gross. Lol


I loooooove cheese strains! So freaking scrumptious!


Lol well maybe one of these days I’ll buy some at a dispensary to see for myself. By one of these days I mean like next year when the places have selection.


Haven’t had a bad cheese, yet.


Chapter Three
15 days from germination

Overnight, there was a breach in clubhouse security. 2 ne’er-do-wells infiltrated the grow & are now hiding out. For the life of me, I cannot find them, but I know they’re here, somewhere. I can smell their fear.

The girls are right on par with my last grow. As you can see, there have been a few minor issues with pH, but the newest leaves are looking perfect. One of these grows, I’ll have pristine seedlings. I’m not holding my breath, though.

Also, my light is causing some minor stretching, but I WANT THAT! Soon enough, that light is going to keep the girls down. Until then, I want a bit more node spacing than my last grow. Today, I am bumping it up to 135w @ about 34".

Today, they will get a drink of ro/well water with some Demeter’s Destiny. Aiming for 6.2 pH.

Fastberry is growing! Blue Dream is lost in thought or something. Blue Cheese is working on things.


I love your updates girl! They all look marvelous :wink:


Next time, tell me I repeated a paragraph! Lol!