The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


If I can get my husband to mop the floor it won’t be too bad.


See, that’s why I don’t have friends: less cleaning & straightening up involved.


I hate the thought of doing toilets even though I have my own bathroom


Honestly, if people didn’t come over I’d never clean my apartment.


I just don protective gear & pretend I’m cleaning up Chernobyl.


Yeah, cleaning the toilet is pretty disgusting. I hate that job.


You might be lmfao


Let me tell you that women are just as nasty as men. Myself, included.

I swear, my wife wouldn’t use a toilet brush unless there was a skidmark across her face or something.


LMAO, toilet brushes are pretty gross objects.


Yeah…I should probably clean the bathroom, too.


The city just before the holidays has got to be intense. And beautiful.


Yeah, it is pretty this time of year, lots of tourists. It’d be prettier with snow.


I was thinking about all the decorations & lights. Can’t even tell it’s the holiday season, in my town.

Honestly, there’s a Christmas Carol shaped hole in my soul.


Awe, the city is the best place to be for the holidays. Too bad you can’t visit.


I’ll be singing carols after a few more tokes.


Ok, I’ve gotta move my ass. One more hit.


Here’s to visitors & clean toilets.


To toilets that clean themselves.


The Japanese know what’s what.

Giving myself another 30 minutes, then I’ll go do things.


They have self cleaning toilets?