The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


I know. I spent a whole 10 seconds making it, too. What a waste of precious smoking time.


Okay, rolling out…now.


You know you want to just smoke.


Pretty much. Shhhhhhhhh. It’s a secret.


I can’t wake up today, and I’ve got so much to do.


I can’t condone that kind of nonsense…do things? Oh, the humanity.


Lol, I know, what am I thinking?


I’m going to milk this am smoke session as long as possible, today. My housework today is the worst, and frankly, I need the weed to help me do it.


I feel the same way. I hate housework, HATE it!


I get to go on a scatvenger hunt today. The joys of caring for 5 cats, all 15+ years old.

Btw, I am definitely over cats & no longer consider myself a cat person. 5 cats for 15+ years. I really should be a slobbering drunk.


I miss my kitty. I’m all dog person these days.


To all the kitties we’ve loved, this next hit goes to you. Pissers.


Sh*t, I have to clean my bathroom today cause guests are coming.


Eww, guests. Get to work, lady!

Or…stay & smoke pot.


It’s justgrowin and her son.


Blue Dream needs to tell me something. Hold on.


Oh, yeah…just smoke some more.


Smoke me!..


Bathrooms are the worst to clean but most importantly to approach after your blunt becomes a roach​:triumph::dash::smoking:


That’s exactly what she said!