The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


I think young seedlings are prone to a dot or two and I would say stay the course.

What does your well water ppm and pH at? Mine’s 180 & 8.

Long live the fastberry!


Chapter Two (continued)

I’ve decided that tomorrow, day 13, will be their first meal. I started bubbling their nutes:
2 cups ro water
1 cup tap water
2ml Grow
7ml Catalyst
2ml Meta K.

Before feeding, I’ll add:
1/4 tsp Demeter’s
2 ml each Root Trio
1 cup tap water.

I will only adjust nutrient pH up to a max of 5. If it’s higher than that, I won’t worry about it until it gets up to 6.4ish. Plain water pH will get adjusted to 6.2-6.4, as of now. We’ll see what these plants tell me.

Nute Porn (if you’re into bubbling dead things & poo). Click to see it. You know your life won’t be complete, until you do:


Last I measured the ec at the tap, it was .375; after filtration it’s .05. The pH from the tap is between 7.5-8.5.


Did something happen with a past grow that makes you filter it now for younger plants? Or is it just precautionary?


How much time do you have?

And yes.


Sadly, never enough time. My tap water remains a concern. I think the frequent watering practice helps keeps things moving in my coco to avoid the buildup of ppms within. Lots of minerals are in there, hopefully they are moving through.


I think it’s time to do the drugs, gang.


Three more hours at work, 45 minute commute, 5 minute to check on the kids, 5 minutes to check on my wife and real kids, then it’s time!


Chapter Two (continued)

Day 13 from Germination

I never imagined a chick like me would meet a dame like her. Six dames like her, though? Enough to make me blush…if this wasn’t in black & white.

I was sitting in my office, toking on a juju, when the blower rang. It was some boob blathering about a group of broads, some real chippies, if I caught his drift, down by the docks.

I told him to stop bumping gums & tell me why I should care.

They’re hungry. Really hungry.

That’s all I needed to hear.

Boy can those ladies put it down. 1/3 cup each pH 5.0 nute solution(see previous post).

Look at these sweet janes.

Now, the Blue Cheese wants in on the action. Not sweating it.

The sun is going 20/4 at 125w/34".

Definitely dizzy over these dames.


I realize now, to really sell the above post, I should have used b/w photos.


Lol yeah that woulda been fitting lol


You had me at germination.


Gonna edit that, now.


Perfect! :grin:


That is much better.


Hey, gang! To cover Fastberry’s butt, I plan on dropping a back-up seed Thursday night. Help me pick the next suspect out of this line-up:

  • Swiss Cheese Auto
  • A 2nd Blue Dream’atic
  • Northern Lights Auto
  • Jack Herer photo fem

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Poll closes at 6pm AKST 12/20/18.


Informal poll:

  • Stay in my dark cave for another half hour
  • Get up to start making budder so I have all day to de-scent the house
  • Screw that, just go smoke pot

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Let’s smoke!


I guess the poll’s closed! Going to smoke!


That was a quick poll.