The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos

You can always bring them back up some. I’ve seen people use fruit peels, a few drops of water, boveda packs. I’m sure there’s more ways but that’s what I’ve read. I doubt you will overdue it to a point they’re ruined without severe neglect. So don’t fret to much over it.

Yes. A very rational fear! Over-dried weed tastes like hay, plus it burns really harsh & fast. It literally cannot be cured.

Maybe worry about it, but don’t lose sleep over it. :grinning:

Lol terrify him with one post and pat him on the head the next. :joy::rofl: He’s paying enough attention I think he’ll be ok.

It’s being inside a wheel before someone kicks him downhill… Lol

But seriously how long do fresh cut buds need to dry, in what temp, and in what rh?

My situation is probably 60-65 F, 40-50%rh and mostly dark unless I have on a light

With fans blowing and I have buds laying on their side on pieces of paper and I turn them once or twice a day

I guess I’m worried about drying too fast and also worried about not drying evenly


Lol I’ve read more variations on drying than I can count. And i don’t have the experience to answer except to say everyone does it different it seems. But this is the one I’m going with.


Thank you. You are a gentleman and a scholar


Question about it. Maybe ur understanding includes a little deeper insight into curing. there are other products out there now like 55% and 49% rh maybe one of those is better for long-term curing??

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I don’t know. The only two I know of used are the 62 and 58%. I think the 58 was better for rolling and the 62 better for bowls. What do you think or do you use them @blackthumbbetty ?

I don’t use them, myself. Most seem to go with the 62, but some use the 58. It just depends how dry you personally like your buds.

When I harvest, I cut branches off the plant, wet trim those branches, then clip them up to dry in my grow room, which has a steady temp of 70F and an rH averaging between 50%-60%. I put a fan in the room to keep the air moving, but I don’t let it blow on the hanging buds at all.

After about 5 days, the buds are almost ready to cure. First, I snip the buds off the branches & put them in a single layer in a lidded cardboard box. I leave the buds in a box for 3-5 days, turning them once a day.

Once they’re just about stem-snappable, I put them into 1 qt jars. Then, those jars get burped 2x a day for 2 weeks (or until fully dried), 15 minutes in the am & 15 in the pm. Then, they get burped 1x a day for a week. Then, they get burped every other day for a week.


I smoked a half a bowl that was still in my pipe from earlier it was WW and it doesn’t make me sleepy. I guess that means another round is in order lol.

I was just going to take a smoke break, myself.

So far, these strains cause me no drowsiness. Plus, absolutely no munchies!

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Good timing lol

Ugh I’d love no munchies. My wife is laughing at me because I usually don’t eat sweets but once in a while. I’ve walked in from smoking and grabbed cookies 3 days in a row now lol

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I actually think I’m losing weight b/c of no munchies. Lol! Also learned about THCV, a cannabinoid that is actually an appetite suppressant. I had always wondered if there was weed that didn’t cause munchies, and now I know exactly what to look for.

Usually, if I smoke, I eat…all the time. If I don’t smoke, I can go days w/o remembering to eat. Hopefully, I have found a happy medium.


Yeah a company named GW pharmaceuticals in Europe has supposedly bred a strain that has 80% or something crazy of THCV to use as a weightloss drug.

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That’s insane!

The only reason I need to lose weight is b/c of 27 years of uncontrolled pot munchies. :joy::joy:


Lol damn munchies messing up diets faster than new year’s resolutions lol.

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You know Audrey’s dream sequence in European Vacation? That’s what weed does to me. It’s ugly. :grinning:


Hahah yeah I think that’s what worries me. I usually can only handle sweets that aren’t overly rich sweets. Like fruit pies or cake without frosting. But high I can barely taste the sweetness of the cookies. It just tastes good lol. I turn into a candy and sweets junkie high lol.

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