The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos

Sounds good enjoy the game. I built my 135. Took me an hour but I took my time and made sure it was correct. I could have done it in half the time but I had some outside interference.

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Thanks for letting me learn from tried and true growers. I’ve got more questions so thanks for letting me bend your ear.


Your ladies looking swell as usuall @blackthumbbetty ! Missed so much time on the forum but glad to see almost everyone has their hands and pots full:)

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Glad you’re back! I apologize for the mess that is this journal. I have been seriously slacking with the updates.

Here’s a photo update, just for you @rumpelstiltskin.

Total plant count:10
Age: between 4wks-9wks
The one with yellow leaves is a Blue Cheese; last BC I grew did the same. She’ll probably be ready to harvest in a few weeks, so I’m not killing myself trying to fix her.


I was thinking the same thing :joy: looking good :v:


Holy crap that was a big update lol


Since the grow-off entries are getting wonky re: editing them, I thought I’d put a copy of it in this journal, too.

I gotta say, I definitely cannot successfully manage 10 plants & 3 different journals, at once. Set myself up for failure. :grinning:


Lol I understand that. I think I bit off more than I can chew on the new room. It’ll be great when it’s done but the building it is killing me.


You’re not done, yet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol nope. A few critical parts got delayed with the winter storm up north. I’ve got the lights to build and hang the filter and fan. I started on the lights but the bending over is kicking my butt.

My water filter setup still hasn’t got here.


Thanks @blackthumbbetty, looks fab! I am so jealous of all the space you have;) I am left with room for one plant now😅


Very Busy Girl, Way supper Nice! Good job!


Let’s get everyone up to speed. No clever gimmicks, just the facts.

Today is Day 71/49/42 from germination, depending on which plant we’re talking about.

Blurple Tent, 520 true watts at 22": Grow off plant, Bloody Skunk 1, Fastberry, Blue Cheese, Goldrush, Blue Dream 1(chopped)

QB Tent, 275 watts at 24": Daquiri Lime, Green Crack, Bloody Skunk 2, and Blue Dream 2

Temps day/night: 78-80/64
RH day/night: 45/55
Light cycle: 16/8, but flipping to 12/12 this weekend, at some point

QB Girls
-Daquiri Lime is 71 days. She started true bloom 1/28. This girl recieved lst, which is why she is insanely bushy! She doesn’t like to eat much.

-Green Crack is 71 days old. She started true bloom 1/26. This girl recieved lst, which is why she is insanely bushy. She’s a hungry girl.

-Blue Dream #2 is 49 days old. She started true bloom 2/6. This girl was topped at the 4th node on day 19, then lst’d using a screen for about 2 weeks starting at day 24. She had some calcium issues a couple weeks back, but I got her back on track.

-Bloody Skunk #2 is 49 days old. She started true bloom 1/29. She was topped at day 19, but received no farther training. Her leaves showed tip burn beginning at about week 4. She seems to have just been a bit nute/light sensitive, since the beginning. Definitely not affecting her too terribly. She’s doing fine. She’s been kinda shoved in the corner her whole life, too. Poor girl.

Blurple Girls
-At day 70, I chopped the Mutie Girl Blue Dream #1. Her trichs we already cloudy with a few amber. Weird she was ready before anyone else. Her buds stayed small, but got rock hard. A few colas were 2 or 3 headed! She was stressed from the beginning, then I kept adding to it. Oh, well, I knew to expect it, so not upset. I have 9 more plants to go.

-Bloody Skunk #1 is 71 days old. True bloom began 1/15. She will be harvested next Friday, on day 78. She was screwed up early, then I doubled down and supercropped her. She has actually grown better than my Autumn '18 BS.

-Blue Cheese is 71 days old. True bloom began 1/11. She will be harvested sometime between next Mon-Fri, dats 74-78. She’s a shorty due to early mistakes, but holy crap, look at her girth! She’s ugly, but the last one did the same thing near the end, too.

-Fastberry is 71 days old. True bloom began 1/15. She was the little effed up, severely stunted seedling that I never gave up on. She grew into an effed up looking plant, but I bet her buds taste delicious. She’s almost ready to harvest, but not quite. I really don’t want to feed her, but her leaves are already showing end of life deficiencies. I plan on harvesting her by 3/1, SOONER THAN LATER. Today is her last feed. EDIT: NOT FEEDING HER…

-Gold Rush is a semi-automatic plant that’s 42 days old. She started showing pistils/her sex on 2/5. She was an afterthought, a wth kinda plant. I almost tossed her, b/c she didn’t do much her first 2 weeks. She was topped on day 20, then screened for 10 days beginning 2/1… She’s a bit light in color, but her nutes are being increased, today.


Today is a feed day. All QB girls are getting full bloom nutes:
6 gallons tap water
6 tbsp bloom
3 tbsp catalyst
4 tbsp meta K
2 tbsp microblast
3 tbsp nirvana
2 tbsp Demeter’s
PH’d to 6.0

Goldrush is getting a half gallon of the above (minus Nirvana), a half gallon of tap, and 1 tbsp grow, pH’d to 6.0.

They’re also getting Recharge & Mammoth P once a week, between feedings.

PH run-off has been averaging 6.8, which is high for typical Promix grows, but with the Earth Juice, I’m finding a run-off of anything between 6.2-7 keeps the girls in fine health.

Grow-off is fed via reservoir, see grow-off journal

–Blue Cheese & Bloody Skunk #1 have trichs which are all cloudy. Friday, 2/8, was their last feed day. Today will be last feed day for Fastberry. EDIT: DECIDED NOT TO FEED FASTBERRY.


QB Group Shot:


I can see why it’s been a while since since your last update, busy lady . I can’t keep up with my 3 plants and 2 journals :joy:
I’ll be waiting on some photographic evidence :v::green_heart:


@GreenJewels some evidence posted above.


The ladies are looking great BTB. How did you determine that true bloom started on 2/6.

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For autos, I mark the date of first pistils, then once those pistils start forming actual buttons I mark that as day one of bloom.


Wow that bloody skunk 2 is showing it’s dark side. I want to grow a purple strain one of these days. Very cool looking. You ain’t a kidding, Daiquiri lime and Green crack are crazy bushy. Looking good, thanks for the update pics​:v::green_heart:

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More update!


Dang Blue Cheese is getting fat, Very nice. I’m loving that fastberry color. She’s going to smoke nice.