The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos


Hey, gang! Come on in! You’re just in time to hear all about The Case of the Sticky Icky Autos!

The story begins with two 2.5’x5’x7’ grow tents, one will have blurple lights w/a combined wall draw of 520 watts & the other will have a dimmable hlg320xl qb. The tents share a single 385cfm fan & filter, though each has their own clip fan & oscillating fan, as well. At the start, only the qb tent will be in use; once the plants get to 3 weeks or so, both tents will be used.

I’ll be using Promix BX, perlite, and 3-5 gallon fabric pots. Food wise, there’s Earth Juice’s Classic 5, Advanced Nutrient’s Root Trio & Nirvana, Nectar For the God’s Persephone’s Palate (if I can find someone to ship me another bottle at a reasonable rate) & Demeter’s Destiny, and Recharge (not in my hands yet, but once an’s root trio runs out, I’ll be trying recharge). I use Earth Juice granules for pH up/down.

The characters are: fastbuds’ Blue Dream , Green Crack , and Fastberry ; dutch passion’s Daiquiri Lime ; Big Buddha’s Blue Cheese ; and sweet seeds’ Bloody Skunk . A few of these suspects have been involved in previous capers, while others are new to my adventures.

The case will officially open 12/3/18. Stay tuned, gang!


Woohoo! Well I said it before but I’ll be watching that daiquiri lime! And after this round of my crazy bloody skunk I definitely want you to do it again. I think you can get better on it.


Looking forward to the ride in the mystery machine,


I’m up for this. Happy growing. :hugs::+1::drooling_face:


This is definitely a show I don’t wanna miss! :v: :heart: :seedling:


Zzzzzzoiks! This is gonna be fun!


Woot woot here we go again. It’s going to be a great one :wink:


wow! what an entry. too bad thats not in the grow off


I’m watching on this side too!


outta likesdownload


Welcome, everyone! I’m out of likes!

There will be a plot twist in about a month. Just a heads up.


What side am I on? I’m lost hahahaha.


Right? I just look for Robert’s head or the ILGM. That creepy head, always watching…lol!


Ok. Now watching on both sides.


Lol I got confused earlier was in the lab and seen the post and was like I swear I had already commented on that thread but couldn’t find my post :rofl::rofl:


I’ve finally got a little time to read journals. I’m sure when people look at my profile they see I’m not reading very many journals. I spent more time trying to give back for what everyone has taught me. I know how distressing it is to see a plant slipping away and you have mo clue why.


Oh I know what side I’m on doob hahahaha. On this side I answer questions. On that side I ask more than answer @DoobieNoobie :sunglasses:


Lol that’s a good plan


Dropping seeds tomorrow! So excited!


There’s a tour of my setup on the other side if you’re bored.