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I will start opening up the big colas to see what they look like. Before entering the bags. As it stands to hygrometers are within 3% and the jar is registering almost 80%. The electronic hygrometer is still climbing. At 59% now

Good morning cultivators happy Thanksgiving. After 12 hours in a jar relative humidity on 2 hygrometers reads 59% the other 62%. I don’t think it was too wet! So back to the drawing board on a reason why


I think it was likely some hidden spores somewhere deep in one of the buds, that likely started growing either during late flower, or early drying. Was everything found in the same grove?


Happy Thanksgiving :blush:

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Yes sir, I was in the same grove bag

Thanks bud

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And Thanksgiving day group shot


Beautiful ladies. Happy Thanksgiving brother


Right back at you Silva


Those acu rite ones I had as well and didn’t last long.
The grove ones that are Bluetooth are great because you can calibrate them on the app.

How are you calibrating your meters?

Placing them in a sealed jar or quality Ziplock with a 75% humidity boveda pack is the way cigar enthusiasts do it for very expensive cigars.

So while I use boost packs in my long term storage, for my calibrations I use a boveda.

I will now always avoid the cheap little square or circle ones, they can’t be calibrated and they are all over the place.
All need to be calibrated, however getting a mosture meter is a great tool before you bag and is something more and more people are testing their buds with before bagging (once it reads 11% I think it’s good to jar with a hygrometer) @Bobbydigital can confirm though.


Thank you for the break down sir Nicky. I used to have a moisture meter but I’ve mis placed it!
I calibrated the hygrometers with a 62% boveda pack in a jar and wrote on the ones that were off!

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I did the same but with a Ziplock because I was worried the jar was changing Temps or the pack would take to long to change the humidity in the jar. The cigar guys do it inside a Ziplock so I figured good enough for 300$ cigars good enough for my home grown dank.

In the future getting the digital ones that are Bluetooth and can be adjusted is all I will get.
Even though the small ones are a nice size i find it better to toss a goove Bluetooth calibrated 24/7 charted meter in a large grove bag, each plant now gets its own grove bag to cure and store. Open 1 bag rather then 3-5 jars depending on plant size.

I grew two of the same strain and use a 1lb.bag for both.


I appreciate it Nicky, see what the Ziploc does for them. A little update on the girls. It looks like Fattie is showing us some colors before the other two!


:clap::clap::clap::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: killing it brother.

Happy growing


@Carpenter Looking flawless! :v: :star_struck:


Silva thanks there getting fat and frosty love the Jacks…
Cheba Thank you so much for stopping bye and checking out the ladies, they appreciate the love y’all :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Glad 2 hear I didn’t guide u the wrong way man. My girls also love Jack’s o also started them on recharge now to help strengthen them from the bud

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What’s in it?


Good morning Canna cultivators I hope all is well in the world!
An update on the girls couple days into week five a flower


Masha with her fat main cola